10 Things to be sure before you send any marketing mail

While e-mail marketing is still one of the most responsible job as it reaches out to 100 to 1000 persons in just one click. So, you have to make sure you’ve sent it right. the most embarrassing thing in the marketing world is sending a correction e-mail. Sending a correction email can pour waters on all the hard work and the efforts you’ve put in. Raise your hand if you’ve ever sent a marketing email, only to realize after clicking ‘send’ that you have made mistakes and so wish to return back to time and correct it. After all, we are human and we are bound to commit mistakes. So, how can you prevent doing silly mistakes and send the email which you have thought of. Simple, send a test email before sending the real one. Most email service providers give the opportunity to send a test email for review before you send the real email out to the people in the contact list. If marketing email contains errors that can reduce the trust in the brand. So many things can go wrong while sending a marketing mail especially to a larger contact. We are here to help you out and save from embarrassment. The things mentioned below should be checked before you send mail to your contacts.

Broken links:

The first item to be checked before you hit ‘send’ is to check the broken links. You should make sure whether the links are properly inserted or not, as links plays a vital role especially when you are sending marketing mail for lead generation. Click on every single link and see whether the right page pops up. Find whether you get error 404 or does it have any other broken links.

Forgotten links:

While rushing up things, we might have forgotten some links to be linked. Make sure that the links which are supposed to be linked are, properly linked or not. This can save all your efforts and also mark as a huge success for sending an email. While inserting the links also make sure to test the link before you actually insert it. This includes anchor text, CTAs, social media follow/sharing icons, and images.

Broken social media sharing buttons:

One of the best ways of getting traffic to your website is through social media sharing buttons. The common problem which most of them face is the broken social media sharing buttons. Before sending mail to the people in contact list, check each and every social media sharing buttons to gather more traffic to your websites and popularizing your brand.

Grammatical or spelling errors:

No one likes to receive poorly written mail. Mail with grammatical or typo errors looks unprofessional and reduces the trust in your brand. Double check your grammar before you hit ‘send’. You can use a free grammar checker app and proofread your mails a lot of times and you can ask any other person also to read the mail once. This will make sure that you have taken steps to rectify your errors and step towards perfection.

Distorted Images:

Always make sure to check that the images that are getting displayed is happening like you want them to appear. Check whether it shouldn’t be stretched or pixelated. Adjust the images according to the way you want them to look. include the hi res images and also make sure it doesn’t take a longer time to upload. In that case, you can reduce the size of the images to reduce the loading time.

Color Issues:

The font color which you use should be legible to read. The readers shouldn’t strain their eyes to read your mail. Check whether the background color is suiting to the text color. make sure that the font color which you’re using is easy to read the text. Never rely on the background to make your text visible, that might cause land you into trouble.

For instance, you have dark grey background in your email. To make the text readable, you have chosen white color as the font color. now, after sending the mail to all the clients, they will not receive the background color (It might happen). So, all your efforts put in to write a mail will be washed out.

Sender name:

Make sure that the mail sent to the recipient looks like the mail is sent from a human rather than a robot. According to a research the mails are likely to be opened which is sent by a person’s name rather than the company’s name. the ‘from’ name is your identity, and you need to choose one which will be recognized by your subscribers. If the reader is unknown about the sender of the mail, opening up that mail is significantly less.

Functioning Dynamic Tags:

Whenever using dynamic tags, always make sure that they are working properly and are pulling out the right information. To make it effective use tags which everyone in your list has information about. Also make sure that you are not duplicating your email subscribers as that might cause you a trouble in the future.

Fulfilled CAN – SPAM Requirements:

If you are sending any commercial mail, be aware to comply with the requirements enforced by the CAN – SPAM Act, which establishes rules for commercial messages. This will save you from landing into legal trouble. Also make sure that you’re not using misleading, deceptive, or falsified information in your “From”, “To”, “Reply-To”, Subject line, and routing information.

Too much Focus on Products instead of Customers:

Your email should talk to the customer about the benefit that they can get from the product not speaking only about the product as that will make the customer to lose the interest in your products and all your efforts will be in vain.

marketing mail

Have you ever come across a marketing email from your favorite brand that talks about multiple products available in the website and none of them interests you, sounds annoying isn’t it? Make your email clear about the products for them to buy. Don’t include a lot of products inside one mail, that will make the readers to lose interests in your product.

There can be a lot of mistakes while drafting an email, but you can avoid it by taking the above steps. When you focus on eliminating these errors, you can view improving the results. Save yourself from doing email bloopers by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above.