10 tricks of google assistant you might not know about

10 tricks of google assistant you might not know about

10 tricks of google assistant you might not know about is a glad thing to wonder about. First, let us be aware of what is google assistant? How does it be accessible? What are the interesting tricks to use it? Yeah, since 2016, google assistant has been giving its best by activating voice, phone calls, searching the needs, calculations, etc., As we all know, initially we have to set off the google assistant with “ok google” or “hey google”. Day by day the technology is growing rapidly by updating the version with new tricks and terms. As of now, we have been through setting alarms, searching contacts, calling and sending messages, etc., google assistant is a google voice assistant for Android devices. It helps people in virtual connection and lets to experience a variety of tasks through technology. We are still not aware of many features and tricks that are in existence today via google assistant. Yeah, come let’s see what are its new release.

A simple thing that every individual is doing it regularly is “screenshot”. A simple “take a screenshot” voice note is enough to snap or print a screen to have an instant screenshot on an android device. Next, we have podcasts playing, like every other company we have google assistant also keen on playing podcasts. For example, if we say “play the latest episode from” followed by the respective needed episode, then we will get the result accordingly sooner. These two are among 10 tricks of google assistant you might not know about. Followed by it, we have photos that are being showcased if we say the appropriate place and name of the picture. It’s amazing! Right? And also, we can able to track where we are and how much work have we completed within the respective time by saying” track my run” and “start a bike ride”. We can also say google assistant to play a particular movie or song that we need. Everything seems fishy and interesting! Am I right?

The application in our mobile phones also has the control by the google assistant because it can interact with several apps on the android device including Instagram, Spotify, etc., and we can also ask for your shortcuts if you are not aware. The google assistant shows you the easy method to tackle the problem. If you are completely lazy to read out any information, nothing to worry about, google assistant helps you to make you hear by reading the information. For example, “read it” automatically opens the webpage and starts reading. These tricks are also one among the 10 tricks of google assistant you might not know about. Snapping a picture also seems easy with the help of google assistant by saying “take a photo in five seconds” or “take a selfie in five seconds”. One more interesting thing about google assistant is, that it helps you to find where everything is been stored. Even if the owner of the device forgets, google assistant helps you to search where it is.

Another most needed thing is to delete the unwanted stuff from the device, so here the google assistant helps you to do it by saying “delete the last thing I said to you” or “delete everything I said to you the last week”. Too helpful right? Absolutely! If you are in an emergency path or professional place and you forget to turn your device muted and there google assistant helps you if you say “turn on, do not disturb” or “mute my phone”. Awesome! Isn’t? These are the 10 tricks of google assistant you might not know about. Technology has grown tremendously to make things simple and as well as complicated. Google assistants make an individual sometimes lazy and more time easy. Assistant in any field is so helpful but technically it means a lot. It has also been a secret helping hand for all the owners to make the work easier and better.