20 Inspirational Shopify Setups for your Business

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If you’ve ever wondered how to pursue your dream business online using something as relevant and powerful as Shopify, you are in the right place! This blog will help you acquire the fullest motivation and inspiration from some of the best and most successful Shopify Setups today.

This blog is a journey towards analyzing 20 of the most triumphant Shopify stores to get an idea of their masterful business ideas. It’s going to be an exhibition of the 20 most successful stories in Shopify.

20 Best Shopify Setups

Throughout this exhibition, I’m going to be your Shopify setups travel guide. I hope this journey will help you understand and inspire you by the presence of the hidden entrepreneurs within.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!



Here we have Allbirds, a store that creates and sells attractive shoes that are tensile, soft, voguish and ecologically friendly. Allbirds’ success story started from a simple and basic Kickstarter campaign and has now grown up to a $1 billion valued company. 

Allbirds emphasize a lot on their unique selling proposition (USP) over and over to their customers. Using the slogan, “Light on your feet, Easy on the planet” has impressed many customers and has sustained their integrity towards the store. Above all, they market a lot on renewable materials to keep our planet safe and sound. Allbirds also make it a point to showcase their authenticity to grab the trust of the shoppers.


Beardbrand logo

We then come to Beardbrand, a men’s grooming company that sets up a perfect example of how to use social media for the appraisal of your store’s performance.

Beardbrand has acquired over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube since 2012. Converting these many subscribers into valuable customers is the key to success for this store.

“That was not easy at all!” says the owner. “It took a lot of time and effort to grow such an interesting and entertaining video content that impresses the massive customers” he also added.

If you were to visit Beardbrand for the first time, you would have to take a live quiz, which collects the details of the customers to use for future email marketing which generates a lot more revenue than we can imagine.


Biolite Logo

If you closely follow Bear Grylls, then you might have seen this product in use on his adventures!

Biolite is a company that produces unconventional thermoelectric products that not only give fire for heating and cooking, but also provide self-reliant energy for charging your smartphones and other gadgets. Biolite has utilized the Klaviyo applications to reach this high in business. Klaviyo has helped BioLite to recover the abandoned carts by waking up inactive customers. It has also incorporated an intelligent analytics tool to evaluate the performance of the store.


Bulletproof Logo

“A cup of Chai makes everything better!”

Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof, is one such tea lover who, when visiting Tibet, was disappointed that he couldn’t get his favorite tea blended with yak butter.

This pushed him to set up his beverage store online called Bulletproof that sells just that – tasty, gool-ol’ tea across the globe. It uses Yotpo to collect customer reviews and show their user-generated content (UGC) on the stores.

“Back in Stock” is the key feature that notifies the customer when an unavailable product has been restocked. It is one of the best practices to keep track of your customer interests.


Chubbies Logo

This is a fun one!

Chubbies sell men’s shorts during the fourth of July party at Lake Tahoe. Continuing this innovative business, they have grown massively by mesmerizing 1.6 million Facebook followers which is worth eight-figures. Apart from Klaviyo and back-in-stock features, Chubbies use Signifyd to prevent fraudulent transactions in online business. They also have a variety of brands and designs to attract crazy and fashionable customers of all ages.


Fangamer Logo

This is for the gamers!

Fangamer is an awesome and unique store that has transformed the world of video game merchandise. Fangamer does not come under the umbrella of any company, rather it is operated and managed by gaming fan clubs. Fangame’s victory was highly based on the key contributions made by the product review applications. The customer reviews helped the store to grow its conversion rate. These product review apps were free of cost that offered a great user experience for the gamers.


Gymshark logo

Gymshark was created and owned by Ben Francis in his mom’s garage in 2012. From then to now, the company undertakes a massive profit of nearly £41 million every year. This was made happen by the outstanding powers of social media influencers.

David Laid - Gymshark Ambassador

Gymshark’s Instagram profile and the numerous influencers such as David Laid and Nikki Blackketter who endorsed their products helped them to promote their brand through their UGC for the customers.

It was this user-generated content that influenced the existing and new customers of Gymshark’s Online store.

Intelligent Change

Intelligent Change Logo

Seeking peace and motivation in life?

We have Intelligent change, an online store that encourages mindfulness, self-improvement and belief through its five minute Journals.

The company started by selling 1000 Books during its first order which has now incredibly outgrown to produce greater deals with thought-provoking content that people love to read. Intelligent Change has influenced 90,000 readers to subscribe to their periodic newsletter through email marketing.

They use Privy to manage the messages and notifications. Privy has also helped Intelligent Life to automate the follow-ups of the orders to offer coupon reminders and to bring back the abandoned cart emails to develop the business outcomes.

Jane Motorcycles:

Jane Motorcycles

Jane Motorcycles‘ gorgeous brick and mortar build does not only rely on offering motorcycles, it also sells outfits, books, espresso, etc.

Afterpay is one such technique used by Jane Motorcycles to grab their customers. This feature helps the customers to pay their bills in installments. This way, the products with higher price tags will not drive away the customers. Instead, it allows them to pay the bills by understanding and empathizing with the psychology of Budget-conscious Shoppers to break the bills into smaller bills.

Kylie Cosmetics:

One of Shopify’s biggest cosmetics stores is Kylie Cosmetics. Within just four years of successful business, this company was able to fetch over $1 billion in turnovers.

Kylie Cosmetics

This was founded by Kylie Jenner. In this case, social media marketing, especially Instagram, played a vital role in helping them attain a nine-digit sales figure. Feedfy was used by Kylie Cosmetics to operate and control Instagram sales. Feedfy would easily transfer the product data as the Instagram post which in turn allows the seller to add an Instagram feed slider to the site.

Luxy Hair:

Luxy Hair Logo

Here we have Luxy Hair, a Shopify store that has three million subscribers on Youtube, with their channel providing the best fashion tips for a healthy hair setup.

Luxy hair also uses Yotpo to manage customer reviews. It also functions with review request emails and SEO marketing by keeping the price affordable for all fashion enthusiasts. It also uses the “Pixel Union countdown sales timer” app to encourage the users to act on the sales reflexively to generate more revenue for the store.

Madsen Cycles:

This Shopify setup sells a unique Madsen signature Bucket bike that highly attracts cyclists.

Madsen Cycles' Bucket Bike
Madsen Cycles’ Bucket Bike

Social media marketing acts as the key to develop this business online. Madsen Cycles make use of the Instafeed application to add and manage the Instagram feeds to the site. Here the UGC is converted to effective ads which increase the brand value for the company. They also use Facebook Messenger to directly sell on Facebook chat windows. It also allows the shoppers to ask relevant questions while browsing the Madsen cycles Shopify stores.

Miracle by Aloft:

Miracles by Aloft sells pillowcases, towels, sheets and the like, that are made up of antimicrobial silver. The template of this store is very simple and soothing which attracts valuable shoppers to buy the product.

Miracles uses a brilliant strategy of bundling up products like sheet sets and towel sets together that invokes the customer to add more items to the cart. It uses unlimited bundles and discount features on the site which is free of cost for one bundle and on further upgradation to premium versions, you can purchase unlimited bundles at a time.

MVMT Watches:

MVMT is the world’s fastest-growing Watch Brands as once told by Forbes. Within just five years of establishment, the MVMT was able to produce an annual turnover of $90 million!

MVMT Sandstone Chronograph Gunmetal Sandstone Leather Watch Set
Sandstone Chronograph Gunmetal Sandstone Leather Watch Set

Customer care and support play an integral role in determining business values among the shoppers. With that in mind, MVMT makes use of Gorgias to address the customer queries. The customers can get in touch with the sellers by a uni-click method offered by its chat widget. Gorgias also helps in maintaining emails and social media messages from similar dashboards.

Nick Mayer Art:

Nick Mayer Art sells fantastic and appealing nature illustrations, apparels and artworks for the artistic minds. This store has topped 2 million spots in the Alexa rating in the previous years.

Nick Mayer's 'Two Spot Octopus'
Nick Mayer’s ‘Two Spot Octopus’

Like any other Shopify store, Nick Mayer Art also uses Klaviyo for email marketing. It also utilizes the Wheelio app to uniquely gather customer information by introducing dynamic spin wheels. The customers can then win lots of prizes by rotating the wheels and exchanging their emails to the stores. Such interactive gamification features are extremely powerful in attracting customers to visit your stores more often.


Spigen Logo

Since 2007, Spigen store aimed to sell the best smartphone cases for smartphone users, and they’ve kept their word!

Their cases are highly robust, being endorsed by the U.S Department of Defence Ministry themselves for military use. To win the customer’s integrity, Spigen uses the smile.io application. This application helps the customers earn coupons for creating accounts, placing orders and for following its Instagram page. Such types of incentives might grab the customer’s attention to buy the product and hold them to provide the best user experience.


Tattly Logo

Tattly is a Shopify store that sells temporary tattoos designed by real artists. This store is highly famous as it has been covered by various top-graded news forums like The Newyork times, NBCs, etc. It uses the Smile.io app to promote the business and also offers the choice of including confetti splashes into the packaging. This simple addition to their packaging systems fascinates the customers to buy the product and this allows Tattly to stand alone from the competition to improve customer loyalty.

The Great Cookie:

Trick question – what do you think this one has in store for you?

The Great Cookie
Love at First Bite

The Great Cookie was established back in 1979 on the shorefront of Ocean City, M.D. This online store features a lot of information like prices, product description, customer reviews, contact info, etc. for the shoppers to know more about the product before purchasing it. This store uses Quick Announcement Bar Plugins that help the sellers to add customizable banners to the sites to increase the effectiveness of the user interface of the site.

The Ridge:

Ridge is a Shopify store that sells a unique product called ridge wallets that have RFID protection tags. This product is very appealing for the shoppers as it has various features like card protection, a slim design, durability and lifetime guarantee.

The Ridge Wallet

Ridge makes use of effective email marketing through Klaviyo, Facebook Messenger for Facebook marketing and back-in-stock features to notify valuable customers.

WP Standard:

The last store we have today is WP Standard. This is a Shopify setup that sells men’s accessories made from only the finest handcrafted leather. Its leather Duffel was featured in Techcrunch Bag Week!

WP Standard Leather Bag

This store highly targets the quality-conscious tech men by offering standardized and first-class design and quality to attain their interest in the brand.

From a few thousand dollars to annual sales in seven figures, WP Standard has massively developed in business outcomes through its quality services. It uses free shipping tools by prompting the customers to buy the products more often.

The Exit Gate!

That, dear reader, is 20 of the most successful and motivational Shopify setups to inspire you for your very own business!

As you saw earlier, a lot of these online stores were made globally successful with the use of various marketing tools such as Klaviyo, Smile.io and so on, which is a topic for another blog.

I hope you got a better picture of Shopify setups! Which of the stores inspired you the most?

Nonetheless, I hope your business meets the standards that you are trying to achieve. Remember, with consistent hard work and determination, you too can experience the happiness of earning an unimaginable turnover in a few years of setup.

Best of luck in your journey!