The remarkable strides Archana Stalin has taken in her entrepreneurial journey.

Archana Stalin is a resilient entrepreneur who didn’t let the failure of her first venture at the age of 22 deter her ambitions. Treating the setback as a practical MBA, she absorbed valuable lessons and patiently waited to launch her second venture.

Six years after the closure of her initial business, Archana founded myHarvest Farms, a company dedicated to delivering fresh, organic produce to over 800 customers in Chennai. Starting with terrace gardening, she and her husband later secured a two-acre farmland in Sembedu village, Tiruvallur district, about 40 km from Chennai, named Vembu Farms.

The journey wasn’t without challenges, but this time, Archana seemed to have cracked the success formula. In the first year (2018-19), the company’s turnover was Rs 8 lakh, which soared to Rs 44 lakh in the second year and reached an impressive Rs one crore in the last year.

Archana’s entrepreneurial spirit took root even before her first venture. At 21, she made a pivotal life decision by marrying her college classmate, Stalin Kalidoss, against familial opposition. In 2012, the couple founded Geoverge, a geospatial company, investing about Rs 10 lakh, only to close it within two years.

Undeterred, Archana gained experience in different roles, eventually joining the NativeLead Foundation in Madurai and Naturals Salon in Chennai. However, her interest in organic farming led her to quit her corporate roles and, in collaboration with her husband, establish myHarvest in November 2016.

Starting small with terrace gardening, the couple soon leased a two-acre land, incorporating myHarvest Farms as a private limited company. The initial focus was on helping people grow greens and vegetables in urban spaces, but they soon realized the limitations of terrace gardening.

Transitioning to organic farming on a larger scale, they established the Vembu Farm, involving both farmers and consumers in a community-oriented approach. The subscription model attracted families who paid a three-month fee, providing the necessary capital. The venture grew steadily, with the couple adding more farms and expanding their customer base.

The Covid-19 pandemic posed challenges, but myHarvest Farms adapted its delivery model and thrived when other supply chains faltered. The switch to an order-based, cash-on-delivery model proved successful, and the business expanded beyond vegetables to include oils, rice, and snacks.

With a strong emphasis on building a community that connects people to nature and healthier food choices, Archana’s myHarvest Farms has become a flourishing venture, delivering fresh, organic produce to families while fostering a sense of unity among farmers and consumers.