5 habits to be effective

What is your daily routine?  Is it the same every day?  For most of us our days don’t go as we have planned. Or at times we may get sulky after a day or two carrying out routines. However, schedules and routines help in keeping us organised and focused without the burden of hustle. 

          Here how I spend a day in my life and the secrets to self-care despite the busy life.  Typically, everybody’s day has four divisions just like the chambers of our heart. 

Personal life:

The first one is personal life. Put your personal life first at the start of each day and you have already taken care of the 50%. 

Our body is the vessel that helps us in this life. It endures so much throughout our lives. Hence it is our duty to put it first under all circumstances.  Our bodies have self-healing properties thus it does not ask much from us other than a little care. 

Wake up early and breathe in the fresh air by going for a walk. Meditate for a few minutes.  Now meditation doesn’t require you to sit and sit and realise the meaning of existence. Rather it is a simple way to empty out everything that sets you back.  Conscious breathing is one of the ways. All you have to do is simply observe your breathing and thank your body, it has gone through so much for you. Secondly personal hygiene like showering everyday and dressing appropriately. Finally, your diet. Eat healthy and balanced by avoiding ready made food items. Eat to the required quantity and not more or less than that. 

In summary:

Getup early

Go for a walk

Observer closely

Brush, bath and watch your dress

Eat less.

Social Life:

            We live in a closely knit environment with millions of people around us every day. There is someone or another in need of your help out there. We don’t have to take the complete responsibility of taking care of everyone. The least we can do is help just one person each day around our locality or community we live in. It not only changes their lives but ours too. We don’t have to be famous or great to be a leader. A small random act of kindness each day will make you a leader. Great leaders like Barack Obama and politicians like Kejriwal were initially community leaders who then rose to become leaders of a nation.

The second thing is knowing what is happening around us. Read more and gather information every day. You can only set out to people if you have the knowledge of what is happening around. Stay humble and kind and one day you shall become a great leader too.

In summary:

Read more

Write few

Share enough

Help a person a day.

Professional Life.

          All of us are the children of the world so accept it or not we have to have a living to survive. That doesn’t mean you have to go chasing glitzy stuffs and work all your life without a purpose. Find your passion, develop your skills in the field and stand out from the crowd. The first rule to becoming skilful is practise. Practise a new skill every week. Learn new things in your industry every day. Practise pays off like miracle. To understand the value of practise, keep a record of your works from the beginning and compare it to the ones you have created after long time practise. You will see the journey from amateur to professional obviously. Such is the power of practise.  

In summary: Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

Family Life:

      Last but not least family. Family is the only support system that stays by you side always.  There is no better therapy than going back to a family that is anticipating your arrival to help you, support you and share your concerns and happiness. Spend time with your family as much as you can. Eat together and play with your kids as much as possible.

No matter what you think of at the start of the day family is the only force that thinks of you at the end of the day. 

I would like to conclude this article by stressing key 5 habits everyone must follow to become highly effective are

Get up early

Go for a walk

Eat less

Read more

Help a person a day.