5 steps to remove personal information from Google

5 steps to remove personal information from Google

5 steps to remove personal information from Google will be very interesting for people who love privacy. Many of us are not interested in stuffing our personal information into Google. Here we have five steps where we can remove our personal information from Google.

Turn on Incognito Mode

Before searching for anything in your browser, make sure that you have turned on Incognito mode to prevent tracking and auto-filling from previous internet usage. Google images will help you find more content you wish to remove. This is much easier than looking through pages of links. Look at the first three pages of Google search results and also images to know how much content is there.

Delete information from web pages

To remove all the personal information from Google, you can remove it from all the web pages over which you have control. The most common web page activities are

Social Media

Social media accounts are one of the easiest ways for our personal information to be spread widely. If it has gone viral, then it is very difficult to remove that data. So, if you are a very active person on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., it is better to remove all the personal information as far as possible or even deactivate such accounts, which will ensure high safety. On the other hand, it is not necessarily a deactivation. You can also keep your accounts private and avoid sharing sensitive information. You can adjust your privacy settings instead.


When you operate blogs on WordPress, HubSpot, Weebly, and various such websites, you should log in to that, and then you can remove the information you need. If you don’t have access to do this, contact admin for support. If you operate a blog with more than one person, then it will be known to all people what you are removing. But when all parties agree to remove that content, then no one can reupload it again.

From sites that you don’t control.

As Google gathers information from the sites across the web, sometimes you wish to remove information from a web page you don’t own. At those times, contact the webmaster and ask them to remove the information. This is because the site owner is the only person to remove the content. You can contact the webmaster through the contact us link or else by finding contact information using whois.

Contact Google

Even if you can’t reach out to any of the above sources, you can directly contact Google and it will remove your personal information. There are certain types of content that Google will easily remove. For example, you can ask for the removal of outdated content or for any legal reasons, etc.

Hope this 5 steps to remove personal information from Google will be very useful. Thank you