5A’s and tips for transforming a stranger into a customer

5A’s and tips for transforming a stranger into a customer

5A’s and tips for transforming a stranger into a customer is a big task but it is a cup of cake. Do you need to know the secret behind the 5 A’s? How can we transform a stranger into a customer? What tips does it hold to make a difference? We all know digital marketing is a big platform that serves the business at a high range level. There is a customer path that changes the ordinary stranger into a permanent customer. It is known as a framework. This involves five stages in the direction of the journey.

It allows customers in the sales process. To create a map of their own needs. It is a step to give priority during various purchasing parts in the company. When you study the 5A stages in digital marketing, then it is deep essential to be aware of the 5D in digital marketing. This helps one or the other way for another company to hit the profit. The 5A’s gets the path smoother and more intense satisfying process. The five stages involve,

  1. Aware
  2. Appeal
  3. Ask
  4. Act
  5. Advocate

Interesting right? The customer path flourishes through these five stages that don’t let them down. 5A’s and tips of transforming a stranger into a customer deal with many tips too, that may be seen later in the article. Firstly, let us look into the initial stage of the customer path framework is, aware.


Through several types of advertisements and recommendations, the customers may come to know that the company exists. Even a lot of experiences from brand shows tend to make the customer thrive in the particular company. We, people, are aware of the present scenario of the world through the internet in a fraction of a second. Along these lines, we have ads in social media posts and also references and reviews by past or old customers of the company. They induce new customers with their experience to make the stranger into a customer. Nevertheless, few customers are potential enough to be interested in the products but they don’t bring themselves to a purchasing place. We wonder, why only 5D’s and 5A’s are on the list, but there are also 5C’s in digital marketing to let us know about the customer path journey.


Kotler’s 5A’s and tips for transforming a stranger into a customer secondly hold the stage of appeal. The potential customers are in a position to understand the company’s offers and messages from the brands. There are possibilities to have a list of potential vendors that the company might list out. So, they spend time in a huge amount to look at the webpage to read a thought of customers’ solutions, testimonials and promotions. You may not be aware of a few marketing of the digital world, that way we have 7P’s of digital marketing that you should know as an entrepreneur, customer, or in any position you are in.


Thirdly, the stage is known as asking. Customers tend to tempt by others. Their curiosity has made them prompt by researching extra information. It allows them to compare and contrast with their consideration. The contact option lies more, along the lines of an email, chat, phone, or SMS. It is known that the customer is ready for buying. That initiates them to call and ask for further details. The customers who are potential enough, include the third party into it to make the company on the evaluation side. They narrow down their choice in creating the poll relevant to the groups to find more information. This plays a major role in a customer-centric business that highlights hugely through digital marketing.


A fourth stage is an act. Action is they are entirely into the purchase after circumventing all the steps. Now they are ready for purchase from the company. The state of mind is along the line of which to buy and what brand to choose. The decision is often made by the customer end then the action continues. The fifth act is known as an advocate, which is the final preposition stage of a customer path.


The final level of the customer is the advocate of the company. As they are in the position to recommend people about the particular company to their friends and families. This is done through sharing information, post, videos, and ads via the internet which is reachable in a faster way. The reviews of the product and services are written in the comment section by the customers which is true. They also make additional purchases to uplift the company. The tips are,

  1. Track and analyze each stage
  2. Focus on individual stages for improvement.
  3. Customize messages for different audiences.
  4. Work together with other departments.

Kotler’s 5A’s and tips for transforming a stranger into a customer is a big task that involves these stages. I hope you learned something from it!