6 Easy Tips to increase E-mail Conversions

E-mail marketing is still the most commendable method to be used for conversions. E-mail might be one of the oldest methods which we are using now, but when it comes to retaining your customers and making them to purchase your product for a longer period, E-mail is the best option. E-mail is still the king of all the marketing tactics to increase ROI. It remains one of the most effective methods to reach out the customers. It is a great tool that allows you to communicate directly to the customers without noise or disturbances. E-mail marketing is only effective when you’re contacting people who want to hear from you. Your e-mail should include high-quality content to attract customers to your site and purchase the products. E-mail marketing can provide you higher ROI only when your e-mail is good enough to list out the things which could benefit the customers, not you. Do you want to increase e E-mail conversions? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have included some steps which your marketing team should implement in order to increase the conversion rates and increase ROI. Scroll down to learn more.

Create Mobile-optimized email campaigns:

A research says around 4.8 billion people own mobile phones, whereas only 4.2 billion people own toothbrushes. In this era of mobile phones, there are only 34% of people who uses desktop. This fact is itself enough for you to consider optimizing your email campaigns. So, consider optimizing your email campaigns in a mobile-friendly way to get the utmost result. 

Points to be considered to achieve mobile-optimized email campaigns:

  • Make sure to create a short subject line of 30-35 characters, which can be perfectly displayed on smartphones.
  • Make sure to be clear and concise, as people do not like to read stories. 
  • Provided links to be visible and be checked easily.
  • You can reduce the size of the image to shorten load time.


When it comes to boosting your email conversions, segmentation is the vital point you have to look over. Let’s say you’ve created a perfect email campaign considering it to be the concise, clear, mobile-friendly, perfect subject line, links provided are perfect, not much time taken to upload images. These things would be of no use if you are sending them to the wrong people. always make sure to send to the people who want to hear from you. Segment your potential customers and send the emails to the respective members.

Segment people through:

  • Products
  • Area of interests
  • Level of engagement

If your email campaign is sent to the wrong people, there is much possibility for the customers to unsubscribe to your emails or even consider it as spam. Be careful to segment the email lists.

Choose the scheduled time to send emails:

You can send emails with the kind of database you use. It might be 1000 at a time or 2000 at a time. You should make sure that you send them emails at a scheduled time. For instance, if you are sending mail on Thursdays, then make sure to send them on every Thursday, whether it’s once a week or every other day. 

Prepare a perfect routine, this will help your audience to be mentally prepared about seeing your mails on a particular day, and will expect the mail on that day. This helps the customer to be comfortable and increase the conversions.

Do consider the length of the emails:

We live in a fast world, where people want to know the content as small as it could be. There are no perfect words required to write an email, but you should make sure that the readers read your emails not ignore them. It means to get to the point, instead of bragging about the details. Always make sure to keep it short and sweet to make your emails valued.

Make your emails which can be easily understood by any of them, or else there is a higher possibility of the people to ignore the mails. Include the correct link and include proper instructions to be used next.

Add a person touch:

No one enjoys reading a piece of corporate information on the mails. Though we all use automation to send out the mails these days, please make sure not to look like the emails are written by a robot. Make your emails sound like they are directly sent by a person, if not this will not go beyond deleting your mails by the customer and will not help to increase conversion rates.

Make it look like they are chatting with a person, rather than to a company or a robot. Until and unless there is no person touch, how can you expect them to read your emails and buy the products from you? It’s simple, address the same person and make it not look like raw mail.

Be a good storyteller:

Storytelling is the most powerful strategies used in marketing. No one would mind reading a GOOD story. You should make sure to be engaging and complete your story quickly, this will make your customer read the whole mail and not skip it. 

For instance:

I want to share a story about two boys, I’ve dated so far. Do not worry, I unsubscribed them long back. I’ve never cared about clothing and looks since high school, and also haven’t updated my wardrobe still. The one boy whom I dated for a long time, kept on nudging me to dress better. We broke up because I didn’t look good and he couldn’t show me off in front of his friends. So, I don’t want you to face this and upgrade your style with the offers mentioned below. It is easy to look stylish which is also pocket-friendly.

E-mail marketing

Isn’t this interesting? Didn’t it make you read the whole story? It’s interesting how much you can be drawn in with a story that seemingly isn’t connected with the email topic. This trick works always!

If you’ve tried email marketing earlier with little or no results, then you should definitely try this one out to increase the conversion rates. We bet, the tips mentioned above can definitely draw out momentous results. E-mail marketing is one of the cost-effective methods in digital marketing – if used in the right way. Make sure to leave an impact on your customers after they read your mail.