An Introduction to Twitter Moments!

Twitter Moments

Twitter is one of the most successful social media platforms with more than 6,000 tweets being published per second. With such a massive scale of information, it can get difficult to find great content or specific content within the platform. Luckily for all of us, Twitter rolled out their answer to this issue in 2015 – Twitter Moments!

This article is dedicated to Twitter Moments, where we will discuss about,

  • How to create a Twitter Moment,
  • How they can help you in improving your business,
  • Choosing the right content for your Twitter Moment.

But before we dive into those topics, we must know…

What is a Twitter Moment?

A Twitter Moment is a curated story highlighting what’s happening on Twitter in an instant. Moments are customized to display words and phrases that are popular or relevant, so you can discover what is trending on Twitter with just a tap of a screen. 

Twitter Moments allow us to tell our story in new ways. They can be used to combine different tweets and display it like a slideshow. It is similar to the “story” feature in Instagram except for the fact that moments can be made available for a longer time period. Moments was first introduced in 2015 with a view of displaying tweets about trending topics in a single place.   

However, it is important to note that you can create Twitter Moments only on You cannot create Moments on iOS or Android.

How to Create a Twitter Moment?

Moments are quite easy to create. 

Step 1: Navigate to Moments via in your navigation bar.

How to create a Twitter Moment - Step 1
Go to ‘More’
How to create a Twitter Moment - Step 1
Select ‘Moments’

Step 2: Click the Create button to create a new Moment. 

Step 2
Select ‘Create’

Step 3: Give your Moment a title and a short description.

Step 3
Give it a valid Title and Description

Step 4: Using your Moment’s Import Tweets feature, which you will find on the Create page, you can choose from four following options: 

  • Tweets I’ve liked: this will show all Tweets that you’ve liked. 
  • Tweets by Account: by searching for a Twitter account, you can include Tweets from that Twitter account.
  • Tweet Search: You can search for specific Tweets based on a hashtag using the search bar. 
  • Collection ID: Add a Collection ID that you created on TweetDeck.

Step 5: Click Add to add the Tweet to your Moment. 

Step 5
Select ‘Add’ to add it to your Moments

Step 6: Click on the camera icon to add the Cover Image . A pop-up window appears with all the images within the Moment. Choose the image you’d like to use as your cover and then click Apply. Additionally, you can add an image from a Tweet URL that isn’t already in the Moment by clicking Add from Tweet URL and pasting the URL of the Tweet with the image in it. 

Step 7: Select a cropping tool. The cropping tool gives you a preview of image in both desktop view and mobile view.

Step 8: Once you are ready to publish your Moment, click Publish.

Step 9: You can set your Moment’s visibility from Private to Public to Unlisted. 

  • Private: Only the Moment’s creator can view it privately. 
  • Public: It is accessible by anyone. 
  • Unlisted: Only people with the moment’s URL can see the moment.

Click on the check box if your moment contains any sensitive content.

Step 10: Voila! You are ready to go. Tweet your moment.

That’s on how to create a Twitter Moment, but how do you make the best of this feature?

How Can You Use Twitter Moments to Improve Your Business?

Twitter Moments are a fantastic way to highlight a specific topic, as well as engage people and spark a conversation. Though only a few businesses are using Twitter Moments, here are a few tips for you to adopt for your own marketing efforts in order to make the best use of Moments.

Reach out to influencers

In order to generate additional traffic and be more visible on social media, partnering with influencers and celebrities can be an excellent idea. In your Moments, make sure you give a shout-out to an industry expert or influencer who has interacted with your business.

This helps more people to discover your business, products and services, and it builds more trust since a influential figure has recommended that brand.

Promote events

You can engage in Twitter Moments to promote an event you’re hosting, whether it’s upcoming, live, or even past events, such as product giveaways for instance.

Add Videos

The popularity of video on social media has skyrocketed, and video tweets are an incredibly effective way to use social media to tell a story. Additionally, using a video as your cover image attracts attention longer and spreads the word about your Moment. This strengthens your interactions with followers and makes your Moment more discoverable.

You could use this to your advantage by incorporating Product Demos or Product launches, for instance, to gather the attention and crowd that you desire. Showcasing your brand and business in your Twitter Moments is an interesting and effective method of improving your business.

Resurfacing Tweets

You can use your previous tweets which are relevant to current trends and discussions. For example, If you had predicted something beforehand and the predictions have somehow turned out in your favor, you can resurface the old tweet.

Now that you know how to use Twitter Moments in a way that is beneficial to your business, the next step is to research and figure out what’s the best content for your Moment.

Choosing the right content for a moment:

This is one of the most crucial steps to make every second of your Twitter Moment count. The research you undertake to put out the best suited content will define the success of your Moment.

With that said, here are a list of things you might want to consider when choosing the right content.

Target Audience

First and foremost, you need to identify your target audience. When you know who your content is intended for, it makes content creation a fairly simple process. All you need to do is show your audience what they need to see!

Appeal to the audience

The next question that you must ask yourself is if your content is appealing enough to your audience.

For instance, a beauty product company can appeal to their audience more by featuring models or influencers who showcase their products, rather than just static images of the product itself.

Keyword and Hashtags

Twitter, like every other social media platform, is all about keywords and hashtags. Proper use of keywords and hashtags can make your views skyrocket and make your Moment discoverable to more people. That’s exactly what you want!

Different perspectives

While choosing content from other influencers, make sure to include tweets from a wide range of demographics, voices and perspectives, and feature it in your Moment. Your audience will have differences in perspectives and opinions, and this can help them to relate to your Moment, which in turn, increases your engagements.

Comprehensive experience

Since you’ll be choosing different tweets from different personalities, make sure it gives a comprehensive experience to the viewers. Most importantly, make sure all the tweets are linked to one another.

For example, if you are tweeting a milestone moment such as reaching 1000 Tweets, make sure to include your first tweet, most successful tweet, tweet with most engagement and so on. Make sure to include a thank you message to your audience in the end.

This way, you are directly involving your audience which increases engagement and makes them feel like they’re a part of the journey.

And with that, we’re done!

Twitter is one of the most powerful and useful social media platforms out there, right from their enormous range of users, to the use of remarkable ad campaigns. The introduction of Twitter Moments has only made Twitter better for businesses and brands, and that’s something that you could use to grow your business the way you wanted!

Now it’s your turn to play around with Twitter Moments and make the best of it. And one business to another, here’s a message of goodwill – You’re going to do great!