An overall comparison of CashKaro and Earnkaro

An overall comparison of CashKaro and Earnkaro

An overall comparison of CashKaro and Earnkaro: Which is More Useful if You Want to Earn Money Online? In the past few months, I have seen many advertisements for cashbacks. It didn’t initially pique my interest, but as I saw advertisements and promotions on various social media platforms, it piqued my interest. I have researched the app and have come to know many things regarding it. There are numerous apps that offer cashback, but let us compare the two most well-known platforms, CashKaro and Earnkaro, which have both been used by many consumers.


For example, when we take CashKaro, it is India’s largest and fastest growing cashback and coupon website. It works on the basic principle of linking the sales to their retailers, for example, Amazon and Flipkart. For each sale that happens through this app, the retailers will give commission to this platform, which in turn will be rewarded as cashbacks to the customer itself for using this app. It is to be said that so far, CashKaro has paid over Rs 100 crore as cashback to its users. This reach is mainly because of the social media campaigns and advertisements. I have mentioned in the above passage that I came to know about this app through the advertisements on various social media platforms. This is what happens to all people. It provides offers and deals on more than 1500 brands, which includes the platforms which are commonly used in India by many people, like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Myntra, with 500 plus e-commerce platforms. When people get benefitted from this, many people, especially YouTube famous and celebrities, start to promote it as they also get benefitted by these promotions and it paves the way for a passive income. 

In particular, it used Facebook and Twitter as its main platforms to promote itself. It started to spread awareness among the people about how to save money through this app, and it started to create its own users by providing free membership access and raising awareness about the brands that engaged with it. It started to educate people about how it works. On Twitter, many offers and deals were regularly tweeted to gain attention. The most relevant hashtags were used for those tweets. Many contests were conducted and maintained the daily conversations for the audience.

It is very simple to use the app and get benefits. For instance, if you choose Amazon, enter the CashKaro app and open the Amazon page. Activate the rewards, sign in, and click on Visit Retailer. After shopping, you can check the reward that you have got in My earnings. You will get your respective cashbacks within 5 minutes to 72 hours, depending on the platform you shop on. If your earnings reach more than Rs.250, you can transfer it to your bank account and use it. It is real cash.


In an overall comparison of CashKaro and Earnkaro, Earnkaro is a deal sharing and reselling platform that helps you earn money from home. It is the best source of passive income, and you can easily earn around $30,000 per month by sharing the product link from the platforms that have partnered with the Earnkaro app. It does not support every platforms, it supports Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, 1MG etc. You can also choose many another profitable link and earn a profit by sharing it. To use this, you should login, copy the best link from the available websites, and convert them into profitable links. You can share the profitable links with your friends or family through any means of social media, and if they buy the products through the link you have shared, you can earn a profit and directly transfer your confirmed profit to your bank account. It also allows many companies to promote their company’s product and earn more.

In an overall comparison of CashKaro and Earnkaro, Compared to Earnkaro, CashKaro has many users, but it has to be said that people can earn money on both without even investing a single rupee. But the income profit is greater in Earnkaro compared to CashKaro. To conclude with, you can get benefits from both and you can use them by analyzing all the features and income profits and choosing the best app you are comfortable with.