Answers to “Why should I hire you?”

Answers to "Why should I hire you?"

Answers to “Why should I hire you?” will help you in framing your answers before you get into an interview. This is the most asked question in all the interviews. The company always demands why they should choose you for their growth. To answer this question, first of all, you should know what their expectations are.

For Experienced

You can make a claim based on your previous efforts in previous companies and how they assisted you in recognizing your capabilities and limitations. You should ensure that you will channelize them further because it will bring fruitful results for you and also for their esteemed organization. This will be a good start to answering this question if you are an experienced person.

For Freshers with skill

Secondly, you can shift your importance to the company. Your reply can be like, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to take part in that interview. Their organization will surely prove to be an extraordinary platform for you to enhance and establish your skills. Even though you are a fresher, you can assure that your role will be played at its best and you will work using your full potential. So, this platform will help you both to get mutually benefitted, and also add you will contribute as much as you can to the welfare and growth of that great brand. This way of answering will easily connect you with them, but when it gets too dramatic it won’t work.

For skill based

The third way of replying can be self-dedicated. You can start by saying that you possess all the skills and experience that they are looking for. You should be able to express your confidence through your reply. You can add statements that prove yourself to be the best candidate for that job role. You can add your other soft skills in a low dose. You can use a maximum of I statements. Like, you are a self-motivated person; you try to exceed yourself in high-quality work and so on. You can include your individual as well as team management strength. Finally, this all will make you viewed as a complete package for the respected job. But these kinds of answers should be used only when you have all the skills above.

For Freshers with academics

If you are not much of an experienced person, you can draw from your academics. You should inform them about your uniqueness in academics when compared with other job seekers. The university you studied at, the exposure you went through, and how these things helped to shape you to become a fit personality. Usually, these kinds of replies will be accepted for freshers.

Answers for “Why should I hire you?” gave you sample answers for fresh and experienced employers, you can modify them with your own qualities and qualifications by taking this as a model.