Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

A seminar on Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing commenced by our CEO Mr. KarthiEaswaramoorthy

AI have the capability to create simulation models and personalize purchasing processes through recommendations based on machine learning technologies and interaction with virtual assistants. Many brands have adopted Artificial Intelligence to connect with their customers. Just like Amazon uses AI to recommend products based on their previous purchases, views, and searches. 

Now, we have Marketing Automation like various CRMs which help us in managing data and provide smooth customer handling. Every day we are progressing to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in various types of business.  

These intelligent tools keep evolving more and more and are even reaching a point in which they are able to surpass humans in certain aspects.

It is projected that 45% of economic earnings for 2030 will come from the commercial application of AI solutions, marketing strategies, and more personalized and effective than the current ones.