Black Hat SEO is a system in opposition to search engine protocols. It is used to make a particular site rank higher in terms of search results. These Immoral tactics will not solve for the pathfinder and lead to a penalty from search engines. Black hat approaches include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using personal(private)link networks.

Taking shape in search results is Important for company growth, but for everything, there is a right and wrong way of doing it, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. The dark phase of black hat SEO is the tangled way. Black hat SEO plays a game in search engine algorithms, instead of solving for the user. In place of earning in principle manner to rank highly on search engine results pages. It uses unethical tactics to bring you there. Optimization use of these strategies will damage your presence in search engines Instead of improving it.

when you are new to any search space, the motivation of search engines such as Google, yahoo is to give the best results when a visitor completes a search. Their goal is to provide people to have a great search experience and make sure that the results they include do not include spam. By do this automatically via algorithms or through manual action will help you to get recognized and will make it appealing for black hat SEO.

Search engine algorithms are more cultivated over time, this is why you should neglect black hat SEO at any cost.  When we talk about White hat SEO is a far better method of applying in search engine optimization. It gives a more right way of approaching which abides in the terms and guidelines set through search engines. White hat SEO comprises of creating quality content and an overall user experience for people searching your site.

Comparison between Black hat SEO vs white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO is against the Protocols set by search engines that exploit them to gain higher rankings for their specific websites. This kind of thing will completely wipe down the search results or it leads to gaining a lower position. White hat SEO is an ethical way of performing in SEO by making quality content and an awesome user experience.

Black Hat Stratagies in SEO

Black hat SEO Strategy #1 – Keyword Stuffing

It refers to the application of filling your content with unwanted keywords in a way to mislead where the page ranks on search results pages. Adding Different variations of keywords where you cannot add any Impression and creates a very bad user experience. This will lead your page to rank for irrelevant questions.

Google explains keyword stuffing as:

  • Roll of phone numbers without adding substantial value.
  • A chunk of text listing cities and states a web page is attempting to rank for
  •  Loop of same words or phrases so often that it sounds unnatural.

Black hat SEO Strategy #2 – Cloaking

Cloaking involves illustrating one piece of content to users and another piece of content to search engines. Websites that exercise black hat SEO will o this to create the content rank for different terms unrelated to their content. Spam websites always try to do this and make search engine bots neglect to find out the pam in the content by the server to users. a search engine bot finding out the spam content they serve to users.

Customizing your content to different groups of users is acceptable. For eg, you can shrink the size of your website when visitors visit from their respective mobile devices. You have the option to change the language of a page based on the country visitors visit the website. Some blogs like Forbes or Inc usually change the ads that appear on a page in order to fund their content. This kind of example is completely acceptable. Unless you are not just changing the content that appears for search engines websites.

Sneaky Redirects

When a redirect involves sending some visitors to a different URL than the one that is clicked Initially. Black hat SEO uses will redirect outside of the goal, which they are intended for. Through the same lines as cloaking, this might include redirecting a search engine website to one page and a few other users to another page.

Another eg: for redirecting a highly authoritative page with too many backlinks into another incorrect page, Simply to Increase their position in search results. A 301 code pops out which redirects and passes the majority of authority from a single page to another. This indicates that someone is practicing black hat SEO  which could redirect individually to cheat the search results.

Poor Quality Content

Poor quality content which has no value to the searcher is one of the common practices in black hat SEO. This also contains the content scraped from another website either by a bot or by humans. At certain points, when search engines like Google were not able to recognize the good content that was copied from other websites. The update in 2011 Google panda resolved this issue. Many sites were taking instant top rank by making duplicate content in search rankings of engines. Since then, Google has got something better at recognizing duplicate and very low-quality content.

Including invisible keywords in your content is also a prohibited practice. Some websites practice black hat SEO by doing make the same text color and page background. This indicates that the page will appear in search results for all those invisible keywords, even it does not have visible content about them on the page. once a user clicks on the result thinking about the topic they searched for, they don’t find any of the content for which they were were looking for as those keywords are invisible. 

Hence, we are at the end of the journey. we learned how black hat SEO is unauthorized and unethical. using white hat SEO techniques is safe and will boost your SEO ranking. when we use irrelevant keywords it leads to a bad ranking for our website and leads to low search rank.