Build your Confidence

The subject on the talk on How to be self made person at Bannari amman Institute of technology on November 12, 2016. 

How to become strong? 

  • Get up early
  • Go for a walk
  • Eat less
  • Read more
  • Help a person a day

Do things. It’s that simple.

Confidence comes from the experience of being able to achieve things on your own initiative.

For example, take a book that you think you’re interested in, and once you start to read it, don’t stop till you finish it. Of course in practicality of daily life you will have to put it down, but the confidence that you’re looking for, will come from knowing that you went after it again and again and finished it.

It will be boring at first. But once you get a taste of that success, you’ll only want more.

Same goes with any activity.

Decide to walk for an hour, for ten days, and do it no matter what. Once you accomplish that, you’re gonna be hungry for more.

that is what builds confidence. You’ll find suddenly that you’re ready for almost anything that life throws at you. Yeah, you’ll feel scared at times, but you’ll be CONFIDENT that you can face the situation head-on.

All the best!