Peter Deng is the newly appointed Head of Product for ChatGPT.

Peter Deng embarked on his professional journey in 2006, commencing at Google during a transformative period marked by the company’s IPO in 2004 and the subsequent acquisitions of YouTube in 2006 and DoubleClick in 2007. This period at Google served as a valuable learning experience.

In 2007, Peter transitioned to Facebook, immersing himself in another dynamic learning environment. His responsibilities encompassed diverse areas such as Chat, Events, Groups, and News Feed.

By 2013, Deng assumed the role of Head of Product at Instagram, where he played a pivotal role in its growth from a modest team of 50 individuals to a platform boasting hundreds of millions of users.

Following his successful stint at Instagram, Peter moved to Oculus in 2015, taking on the responsibility of leading product development for new acquisitions under Mark Zuckerberg’s guidance.

In 2017, after a decade-long tenure at Facebook, Peter transitioned to Uber, assuming the role of Head of Rider. Here, he spearheaded all consumer product initiatives and played a key role in the company’s IPO.

More recently, Peter served as the Chief Product Officer at Airtable, contributing to the company’s fundraising success with a valuation reaching $10 billion. After two years, he departed from Airtable.

In a significant announcement today, Peter revealed his new role as the Head of Product at OpenAI. Given his illustrious history, there is anticipation that OpenAI’s roadmap for ChatGPT will be marked by even greater ambition under his leadership.