Clubhouse: The Complete Guide


Every time a new social media platform emerges, businesses quickly consider how to market it.  Each new social media platform provides a new communication channel where you may discover your target audience. Clubhouse is one such new platform with over 10 million weekly active users that is the “talk” of the town right now.

In this article we’ll talk about:

  • What is Clubhouse
  • How to join Clubhouse
  • Features it offers
  • How can you use Clubhouse to boost your business
  • Advantages
  • And why Clubhouse marketing is a challenge.

It’s a fresh topic so let’s get right into it

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media platform where users can only communicate through voice drops. There are already many high profile and popular people registered, including Elon Musk, Chris Rock, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Cubin to name a few. 

At present, the app is an invitation-only app where only those who have been invited can join. Originally only iOS users were able to download it; later Android users could too.  

In Clubhouse, people meet to talk about topics that they find interesting. Moderators create rooms, and then they start the chat while the people who join may only listen until the moderator or speaker accepts their request to participate. People across the globe use this app to share their opinions, either peer-to-peer or with famous personalities.  

With this app, you can engage in a discussion over a silly or a serious subject, discuss an issue or convey a message to anyone involved. 

How to join Clubhouse?

Currently, there are two methods by which you can join Clubhouse.

  • Clubhouse has a waiting list for new members. You’ll have a chance to use the platform when the window opens for a user. 
  • A friend who has an account may be able to invite if you don’t have an invitation yet. A new user has two invites. By doing so, Clubhouse increases its user base, gains traction, and gains a strong reputation using word of mouth.

Features available in Clubhouse:

Clubhouse offers more features to iOS users compared to android users.

Features available exclusively for iOS users:

  • Tracking topics – iOS users can keep track of their favourite topics and check them up once in a while.
  • Creating clubs – iOS users can create their own clubs in Clubhouse
  • Social media integration – Clubhouse provides means to integrate the social media accounts of their iOS users
  • Sidebar accessibility – The side bar menu can be used to navigate around Clubhouse

Features available for Android users:

  • Topic preference – For android users Clubhouse provides a way where users can set their preferences for topics.
  • Follow people – In Clubhouse, you can follow people just like you would in Facebook or Instagram.
  • Leave room – If you don’t like the topic that is currently being discussed, Clubhouse offers you features to leave the room quietly
  • Search for different conversations – You can search for different keywords in Clubhouse using the search menu.

How Can You Use Clubhouse to Boost your Business:

Clubhouse is a great place to introduce your brand to potential new users. To get noticed on there, try these tactics:

 Optimize your profile

Be sure to mention your brand in your bio (for example, if you are the social media manager, mention it in your bio). At present, the app doesn’t allow people to add links in bio therefore mention your job and work description in it so that interested people can connect with you on other social media platforms as well.

Join rooms

Don’t over promote, instead share your expertise. For example if you are a social media manager, join the rooms related to social media marketing. In the room don’t over promote your company. If someone has a doubt, you can clarify it at that given time, subtly promoting your business in the process.

Launch your own room

The best way to promote a product in social media is partnering with an influencer in that domain. So, launch your own room. Partner with the influencer. (If you don’t know anyone, you can use the Explore tabs and clubs feature. ) make your talk interesting like an interview. At the same time mention your brand here and there if possible. 

Be human

People generally don’t like long self promotional monologues. Be human and have fun. Even if it is an educational related room, you can make it interesting and memorable.

Attend other rooms

If you are speaking about social media marketing, you can attend other rooms with similar topics. Some of your audience may be present there too. So, this helps in better interaction between you and your audience.

Assign moderators

Usually assign three to five moderators for your room. Because as more people come, it will be difficult for you to moderate if you are speaking as well.

Stick to the point

Do not divert from the topic you have chosen. Even if a guest asks a question not related to the current topic, answer it as briefly as possible and make a note of the question for future topics.

Advantages of Clubhouse:

Clubhouse is a new tool in the shed and it comes with a few advantages.


Meritocracy is a method of ranking people based on their performance rather than their wealth, status and social connections. Since Clubhouse ranks people based on meritocracy, it is easier to grow and promote yourself. You can start a room based on your domain knowledge and share your knowledge with others. By doing so, you’ll get a set of followers for you and your brand.

Conversion driven conversations

The algorithm of Clubhouse is set to understand niche topics, personal bio and conversion driven conversations. You can succeed just by adding a lengthy bio with links to your social media platforms.

Passive Audio consumption

More people are liking podcasts and audio related content more and more these days. Because of increasingly busy schedules passive audio consumption is getting popular. Since Clubhouse is a voice only app, this increasing interest in passive listening may also be a reason why people prefer it.

Why Clubhouse marketing is a challenge:

While it does have its advantages, marketing on Clubhouse can still be a challenge, and here’s why:


As stated before Clubhouse is an invite only app and the number of people who use the app are far lesser than that of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, appealing to a larger audience can be difficult.

Possible waste of time

Social media marketers succeed using the time they take to create new content. Clubhouse becomes a time drain and at the end of the day, there are only a few things that you can accomplish.

For example, Clubhouse meetings take a minimum of one hour which isn’t enough time to understand the audience or if they are interested in our product or not. This is an unnecessary time drain that happens while using the app.

And that’s a wrap!

Clubhouse is one of the newest social media platforms available for users worldwide. Whether or not Clubhouse will go mainstream or fade out is yet to be seen.

For now however, Clubhouse has proven to be a very successful new social media platform. As long as it exists, it’s another platform for you to add to your marketing strategies.

You’ll never know if you never try. And since you have all the knowledge to go forward with it, try it out and make the best of this new platform.