Session 3: Opportunities for content writing

The third session of Creative Café is all about the presentation by various teams on the stipulated topics. Five teams got randomly selected with lots to present the impact of the given topics.

Firstly, under the category of “Humans of Campus”, Team 2 had presented about the life and the entrepreneurial skills of Mr.Karthi Easwaramoorthy. Janani who represented the team was appreciated for highlighting the keys to become a good entrepreneur quoting examples from real life. Secondly, Ponnazhagesh from Team 10 presented his perspectives on “Village” emphasizing the healthy and peaceful lifestyle of villagers.

Thirdly, Team 7 had discussed the impact of ‘Technology’ in day-to-day life in various fields like IT, Sports, Biotechnology, medical and so on. Kaviparameshwari, the speaker was acknowledged for her unique and clear presentation with current examples and good body language. 

Next, Rakshita and Sri Mathi of Team 4 presented on the impact of Education on personality. The team elaborated the influence of education on personality development, mannerism, confidence and acceptable behavior. They took their discourse in  a conversational way and it was effectively supported by innovative visuals for which they were specially appreciated. 

Finally, Monika, Jemina and other members of Team 8 presented on ‘Agriculture’. They enumerated the aims and importance of agriculture in human life. Students were praised for being natural and logical during the presentation.

On the whole, the session gave a great opportunity for the students to improve their presentation skills. It opened a platform for them to learn and unlearn so many aspects. Following each presentation, Mr.Karthi Easwaramoorthy had carefully reviewed the students’ performance. At the end, he highlighted few crucial tips to become an effective public speaker.