Six Customer Intimacy Strategies for Companies of Any Size

Six Customer Intimacy Strategies for Companies

Customer intimacy strategies are required for every kind of business in order to be in this competitive market. There is no awesome feeling than adding your customer list longer. Gaining customers should not be your goal instead your goal should be providing the best service and with efforts to solve solutions to the normal, in this way you are indirectly attracting customers towards you.

 your main products provide additional attachment from the consumers’ side, which is the thrust behind every business. You can add more value by taking proactive decisions by providing every good service to increase customer and reduce customer churn. Every day you get an opportunity to give your consumers an increased value in such a way that is concerning to them by getting into and generalizing their needs. Increasing your ability to do effectively is known as customer intimacy strategies.

Define Customer Intimacy:

Customer intimacy speaks about your attentiveness in a company by Communicating their consumer’s needs. Business planning Compute a company’s arrangement and prioritizing of every single need. It will help you to involve close contact and Predominate consumers across the various paths. This will increase and give the organic customer and driven force towards the revenue growth for every single business at goes hand in hand.

Customer intimacy strategies are more than taking a beforehand approach and strategy to pull customers. It’s about attracting a specific group of consumers whose needs you are sure that you can meet.

It is a way of adding value to the market. You must understand from a different perspective how you can add value to your customers and drive the super quality delivery service. We will be seeing different strategies of companies based on any size which can be better used to tune your customer sentiment and loyalty which is one of the best customer intimacy strategies.

6 customer intimacy any company will strategize.

Customer Intimacy Strategy #1 – Apply operational practices that sequence the customers.

Hear out customer concerns and problems, introspect them, and act accordingly to them. Very crucial, execute the practices of prioritizing them, instead of avoiding them.

For eg, rather than calculating and computing support reps individually based on the number of calls they receive, add a goal that will improve their customer (Net promoter score) NPS after every consumer call.

Customer Intimacy Strategy #2 – Generate, Impose, and embrace more consumer-centric policies.

Generate consumer service policies That should Thathelp customers to get more value out of your product or service.

Zappos is a popular customer-centric company and well known for its product service, Hats-off to its policies such as:

  • The Capacity to send back shoes that you don’t like at  free of cost and
  • Free shipping in both ways to reduce the risk for the customer
  • An unbelievable 365 -days return policy

This gave light to a consultation shift in delivering the service which meets consumers’ expectations and was looking for which came in from a commitment to listening and responding to customer needs.

For eg, the Zappos company didn’t start at an instant with a 365-day return policy. But it took many consultations and internal behavior company culture which has given the customer as Thatpriority and permitted itself to test and adjust its business processes by encouraging the evolution of its return policy over some time.

Customer Intimacy Strategy #3 – Your customers should know that how much they’re valued.

When you walk with your customers by taking their consistent feedback and their input is valued and highly appreciated. This can be done by appointing consumer advisory boards, making a forum for your customers to speak, or contacting high-value customers and business partners before launching the product by getting their input and ideas.

Consumer Intimacy Strategy #4 – Analyze and create case studies about your consumers.

Speaking out your company positive and happy customer experiences on their social media platforms and to your prospects and prior customers. The recent most can be a  cool strategy for customer intimacy.

improvise on social adaptability proof by writing case studies and frequent testimonials check from the side of happy customers. This information will help prospective customers to decide if they are willing to do their business with you, and when you give them their product or service a rise with your marketing stuff by further increasing your customer intimacy.

Consumer Intimacy Strategy #5 – Reward your customers for their approval and loyalty.

when you’ve designed a consumer base that they are so engaged and super – excited about your brand, start appreciating them to be your Loyal Advocates. Conduct competitions, or generate a point-based system that rewards customers for approved activities such as sharing your content on social media platforms, noticing customer reviews, or writing a testimonial, so that they can get redeem points for free coolness, purchase discounts coupons, or any other valuable prizes.

Consumer Intimacy Strategy #6 – Conduct events with your Consumers making their needs around the clock.

There are so many businesses that are touchless, these days, with very few in-person and interactions through the phone. Personal interaction and online can give a  long way for building towards customer intimacy. Online events, training, shows on trades, and events build further trust and have driven-factor relationships which help to predict better loyalty relations such as emotionally – driven, etc. This alone will give customer satisfaction.

 working for an early-stage startup and thinking about how you can implement customer intimacy by building a community for early adopters by taking these steps to understand your centric consumers.

  • knowing your customers’ needs by now is quite impossible for you, so start finding them out by digging them in-depth.
  • There will be a time when you won’t be having many customers .start giving personal attention to every single customer of your products. This will make your customers feel more valued and they will appreciate your effort.
  • By frequently testing and using your product so that you can get insight on these kinds of value which gives you all those experiences from beginning to end.

Once you get a good understanding of your consumers’ needs, you can start wondering about how you can fulfill them.

Hence we have come to the conclusion where these steps will help you and your company to build a more good relationship with your customer.