Daniel Wellington – History behind its origin

Daniel Wellington – History behind its origin is most interesting one. Have you ever become fond of observing the style of people around you? Will you believe if this is how the current popular Daniel Willington watches had its entry? Do you know the history behind their name? If you are eager to know it, then have a quick read to find it.

Who is real Daniel Wellington?

Coincidence makes changes sometimes. On a trip in 2006, the founder Filip Tysander has met an intriguing British gentleman. Tysander has found that this gentleman was wearing a vintage watch. But, with a distinctive style. He has combined his vintage watch with an old Nato strap. Guess his name? Of course, that gentleman is Daniel Wellington. He has been the reason for Tysander to form a brand called Daniel Wellington. As a fact, this hints Daniel Wellington’s history behind its origin.


Daniel Wellington, is a Swedish brand, founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander. The headquarters resides in Stockholm. They are selling their watches all over the world through social media marketing. He formed it soon after his graduation by using his own money of $24000. This has adopted the timeless style of Daniel Wellington. He decided to manufacture vintage looking watches. Since he has never seen such style and thought of creating such watches. The results were minimalistic, refined and a classical design. It was made of thin, elegant and rounded watches. These watches are characteristics of its interchangeable straps. Primarily he has used the nato straps. Hence, Daniel Wellington, history behind its origin reflects the inspiration got by Tysander.

In order to not forget the man who inspired. Daniel Wellington has been made as a name of the watches made by Tysander. Also, DW is made as a signature of their watches. It is a testament to the Scandinavian design of simplicity. Also, it has the precision of a Japanese movement in watches.

Social media marketing

Daniel Wellington originated in the time of arrival of social medias. In fact, social media is their primary boost behind their growth. Tysander has luckily picked up social media as a tool to make their watches familiarize with people. It is one of the secrets behind their successful growth and recognition. Being a long user of social media, they have grown into a huge community. At present, Daniel Wellington’s instagram has more than four million followers across the world. They have been using the technique of influencer marketing. It consists of promoting this brand with nicely captured pictures. That was the bold decision that Tysander took to sell his watches. Later, this company has achieved a huge success from the history behind its origin. This is how Daniel Wellington sold one million watches in just three years. Thus, it evolves as one of the fastest growing watch making companies.

Watches for all occasions

The usage of Nato straps in DW watches holds the advantage. They are paired with all kind of attires and occasions. DW watches speak in its look with universality. It uses not only the nato straps. Other straps include leather straps and beautifully designed mesh straps. It can be matched with various events since it is timeless and versatile in its look and elegance. Worldwide usage of Daniel Wellington depicts its speciality over others. Thus, Daniel Wellington’s history behind its origin is an interesting story that the company can ever treasure.