Embarking on Bold Aspirations – Sree Vidhya

In her early years, G. Sree Vidhya harbored dreams of becoming a police officer, aspiring to bring criminals to justice. Although she didn’t follow the direct and short path to donning a police uniform, her journey led her to the next best thing: overseeing security services, predominantly for corporate entities. The road to her current role was winding, involving diverse experiences from selling teakwood trees and interacting with dhoti-clad agents in Salem, Coimbatore, Trichy, and Madurai, to securing clients for a corporate hospital. This diverse background eventually led her back to her childhood dream.

The inception of Dgroup Security Force can be traced back to her mentor, friend, and business associate Ravindra Padmanabhan in 1992, when they were initially involved in facility management services under the name Dialtone Hotline Services. However, tragedy struck in 2001 when Dr. Padmanabhan passed away in a road accident. In 2003, Sree Vidhya bought out the company and renamed it Ravindra Services Pvt. Ltd (RSPL), honoring the founder. Dgroup Security Force and Dialtone Hotline Services continue as brands under the RSPL Group, which also offers temporary staffing services.

The RSPL Group, boasting over 3,000 employees and serving numerous corporate clients, has gained significant recognition. Sree Vidhya’s achievements include The Woman Entrepreneur Award of the Year in 2012 from ICICI and CNBC Network 18 TV’s Emerging India Awards.

The success surrounding her is attributed to various factors, such as breaking into a predominantly male field by venturing into security services and overcoming personal challenges without letting them impact her professional trajectory.

Looking back, Sree Vidhya views her early divorce and experiences as a single parent as blessings in disguise. These challenges not only prepared her for the journey ahead but also contributed to her resilience and success in the business world.