Develop yourself to be an Entreprenure

Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering & Technology (SSCET) is sponsored by Sri Shanmugha Educational and Charitable Trust. Thiru. K. Shanmugham is the Chairman of the Trust. Under the able guidance and patronage of Thiru. K. Shanmugham, Chairman, Thiru.S.Prabahar, Vice-Chairman, Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology, has developed excellent facilities such as spacious air-conditioned classrooms, seminar halls, well-equipped laboratories, workshops, library, and steadfast high-speed Internet connectivity.

Entrepreneurship is 80% psychology and 20% skill. You are an Entrepreneur way before you become an entrepreneur. What I mean by that is that some people are just wired for Entrepreneurship and some are not. It takes a certain type of mindset and thinking-process to function like an Entrepreneur.

A lot about entrepreneurship is diving into a deep-sea and not really knowing what is going to happen next. That being said, it is essential to learn how to condition yourself and to effectively handle the challenges of entrepreneurship — mentally, spiritually, emotionally & physically.

What do you do when an employee you so heavily depended on quits? What do you do when the client who you were supposed to close that deal with fails to come through? And your next month’s payroll depended on it. What do you do when your business partner is unable to function at 100% What do you do when clients start choosing the competition over you? A lot of these are all negative situations. But this is precisely what realistic entrepreneurship looks like. It involves converting these negative situations into a positive outcome.