Natural Intelligence! Don’t Think!!

My grandma taught this to think about “Don’t Think” when I was 23 year old. One day she asked to use this “Don’t Think” concept when I had to take a very important decision in my life. Since I knew the decision I would take in that moment, would definitely change my near future day to day life, I struggled to take a decision. I could not concentrate on anything before taking a decision! When I was in that critical juncture, my grand who was living adjacent to my home just visited my home. She took a decision on behalf of me within two minutes when I was struggling to take a decision for weeks and weeks. I was amazed! Stunned! Could not understand how quickly gave a solution! When I asked her, how you took a decision just like that even after knowing that my life would be different shortly, she revealed a tool, Don’t Think!, to use to take a decision! I felt brilliant! A simple tool! From that day onwards, I used this tool! I used this tool when I started a non profit organisation named along with my friends! I used the same tool when I started a community FM radio station named, Saaral, in stanford university campus in the year 2003. . I used the same tool when I started a which quickly crossed to do a 100 core GMV in the year 2007. I used the same tool to return back to India after working and living in California for 15 years as a software engineer in the year 2011. I used the same tool when I wanted to become a public speaker in the year 2013. I used the same tool when I started a DigitalVillage.In in the year 2014. I used the same tool when I started to write this book in the year 2020. I am sure I would continue to use this for rest my life as it is highly effective! Tool is simple, but magic! I decided to share about that technique first, then what I learned during my life time while building various organizations using this “Don’t Think” concept as I thoiugh that it might be help to others to change and transform themselves as a highly effective people to achieve what they wish to achieve! Finally it would help you to become what you wish to become!

She was a villager!! Her traits pushed to me observe villagers closely. Finally, I was so convinced that in order to transform ourself as a highly effective person, “Don’t Think! Be a villager”. I follow this for last 25 years. I watch villagers for last 40 years as I was born to farmer’s family in a village. I was brought up in a village before going to America to live in Bay-area, California for 15 years as a software engineer in some of the leading IT firms like Hewlett Packard, Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems etc.

After that incident happened around 25 years back, I quickly learned that being with no thinking is the toughest thing than thinking. We do not think a lot to think. But you have to think a lot and take action no to think. Just try with no thinking or minimum thinking right now! You understand what I mean here.

Thoughts make and break our mind and body. Mind and body are the only weapons we are born with. Nothing else! Everything you have right now also your body and mind. That is all. Using this only, one became Elon Mask! Second became Mark Zuckerburg! Third became Bill Gates! You became you! What we become depends upon how we use those two faculties! How to transform that two powerful faculties as a very highly effective to become what we wish. My argument to become a highly effective person is “Don’t Think! Be a Villager!” Let us start our journey together to understand the life of a villager! Learn the habits of a villager! Experience the life of a village together! Read, feel and experience together! Think together ! I mean think together not to think!!!

Dividing life of a villager into three buckets named : clean, build and do!

C : Cleaning Bucket.

Getup early : Make sure to watch a giant sun raise.

Go for a walk : Put on your shoes and gets out of home

Observe closely : Sun, Birds, Dogs, Trees and be with the nature

Goto bed early : This becomes default

Cleaning result: Both the faculties body and mind is cleaned.

Effective Score: Already you became a 60% villager now.

C : Community Bucket.

Eat and Burn more.

Read and write more.

Share and help more.

Result: Community is built around you. People would come to you for any help they need in the future. Without your knowledge, community around is getting built and you are becoming the leader. The best way to move up in the social and corporate ladder is to make sure that you continue to grow your community. In fact, even Politicians like Kejriwal and Barrack Obama became community leaders first before they become powerful leaders. Most of the non profit organization and its leaders are made by expanding their community circle. Continue to grow your size of the community circle.

D : Default Bucket.

Do, yes doing is the solution for everything!

There is no short cut for doing!

There is no replacement for doing!

Don’t Think! Be a villager!

Transform your self!

Become what you wish to become from now!

Thank you for the journey with me