E-Commerce Trends To Follow in 2021

Introduction to E-Commerce Trends

E-commerce trends are transforming the Digital Retailer’s world. From the first E-Commerce order, till now, the E-commerce market has seen a tremendous axial tilt in its profit estimation Graph. Amazed? With a turnover of 2 trillion US dollars every year, revolutionary trends have been set up.

Doesn’t it seem Impossible?

No, Anything is attainable if we have strong technology to prosper. Are you still doubtful of taking your business online? Learn more about E-Commerce and its advantages to make an informed decision.

Online shopping trends have emerged and are now periodically evolving to satisfy the needs of customers more effectively, thus making shopping easier, quicker, and Customer Friendly. But in a Competitive playground, What are the best E-commerce trends that your company must follow?

Here is the list of the best E-commerce trends that can take up your business to the next level.

Best E-commerce Trends in 2021

  • Shop by a Click – Mobile Shopping
  • The Magic of Augmented and Virtual Reality.
  • Speak and Shop – Voice Commerce.
  • Your Chatbot Friend is here! – A new way to communicate and Customize
  • Enhance your experience with Big Data
  • Application of AI, ML, and Video Commercing.
  • The More ways to pay, The More Customers you attract.
  • Headless E-commerce
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Omni Channel ads
  •  User-Generated Content
  • Subscription E-commerce
  • B2B Commerce

Now, let’s dive into each trend one by one.

Shop by a Click – Mobile Shopping

Are you a person spending more time surfing products in applications like amazon and Flipkart than chilling with Netflix? Cool! From the conventional trading and window-shopping systems, to shop from anywhere using smartphones, shopping is now very interesting.

Millions of choices in Colours, Brands, and Quality are driving us crazy every single day.

To succeed in the Competitive Market, let’s first analyze the psychology of the crowd. It’s important to ensure your E-commerce business site is responsive on Mobiles and web applications. Shop by a Click, Pay by a Click is the added feature for customers. Thus by optimizing your business in Mobile, You are making your Business more searchable and accessible for larger groups.

The Magic of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Ever stood confused while Buying Clothes?

Will this suit me? Or How is it in terms of Quality? To answer all these questions, we have AR and VR tech invading our trip. Augmented and Virtual reality allows the customers to truly feel and see the item which they are Shopping for, to improve the user’s decision while Shopping.

These technologies are highly used in the Fashion industries and home accessories. More than 120 million customers are using AR tech in 2021. Augmented reality not only shows the 3D model of the product, but it also shows the customer how it looks if they are actually wearing it. What else can satisfy a customer more than this feature?

So try incorporating AR and VR tools to grab the curious customers into your sales market. Check out this video to experience the real-time VR application of Walmart in the Shopping mall. Lenskart helps its customers pick their favorite frame after using the 3d trial option on their website.

Speak and Shop – Voice Commerce

A prediction says 80% of households will own a smart speaker by the end of 2025. Voice Assistants are helping out people to work quicker and smarter. If this prevails, consumers will rely on Voice searches and AI assistants for shopping as well. In a few years from now, products like Alexas and Google homes will rule the market helping users to shop. So, to top your E-commerce Salesforce opt for the rising trend of Voice commerce.

Your Chatbot Friend is here! – A New Way to Communicate

Chatbots are increasing the Customer experience more like a sales executive. Chatbots Connect, Classify and Communicate according to the needs of the users. Nearly 80% of E-commerce businesses are using Chatbots to give a better shopping experience. Chatbots are becoming the most important marketing tool to strengthen your online business. So, make use of it to excite and Influence your target customers.

Enhance User Experience with Big Data

In the Ocean of data, personalized online categorization and reliable data security are very essential to satisfy the user’s expectations. This will have a powerful impact on building a healthy and trustworthy customer relationship. Specific and personalized emails to the target customers, offering valuable discounts, Enhancing Video Content messaging, will increase your customer integrity.

Application of AI, ML, and Visual Commercing Trends

Artificial Intelligence is an irreplaceable technology that bridges a gap between customers and salesforce. AI classifies the data on how the customer Shops, when will they purchase, and what kind of items they require. This will certainly increase the personal experience of all the customers across the world.

On the other hand, Visual commerce takes your business to another level by producing media-generated automation for customers, enhancing content interactivity, and Visual E-commerce stores. This will drive online customers to be more engaging towards buying and selling various products. So make use of the latest trends like AI, ML, and Visual Stores to impress your key customers.

The More Ways to Pay, The More Customers You Attract

Opening the wider options of payment is one good strategy. When it comes to payments, different customers might follow different methods. So it’s important for you to satisfy this particular necessity of online users.

Customers will experience a time-efficient process by entering only their Unique UPI ids and card details at the time of payment. As it’s easier and faster, this approach is highly appealing in the online market.

Headless E-commerce

Evolving E-Commerce trends work a lot on improving the customer experience. It’s done by designing a varied compatibility range from desktops, Mobile phones, and other gadgets. Headless E-Commerce encourages maintaining all the stores in a single inventory. It’s done as a centralized platform to reduce distribution time through multi-channel systems. It’s a cost and time-efficient trend that highlights core operational systems like supply chain management, Customer relationship model and financial management, etc.

Conversion Optimization

E-commerce optimization plays a vital role in standing out from the crowd in a visible competitive market. It helps to build a strong conviction among customers. The average conversion rate is 2.27% which may or may not change. An E-commerce optimization solution is an online store that gives reliable revenue growth. So start redesigning your store with conversion Optimization features.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing acts as the emerging and promising E-commerce trend in the 21st century. Some of the predictive analysis says, 70 percent of people follow new products on Instagram among which 140 million users like and comment on the shopping posts every single month.

As a smart Online entrepreneur, you need to figure out the perfect niche where the consumers visit more often. This Social media marketing might take your business to the next level. “Buy” buttons on Facebook and Instagram helps the customer to directly visit the product page.

Omni Channel Ads

Instead of channelizing products on multiple channels, retailers now choose to sell on Omni channels. This will customize the inventories as one and reduce the complexity of the process. Omni Channel advertising keeps the customers revolving around the products. This tempts them to buy with seamless messages and promoting a personalized experience.

User-Generated Content

Customer reviews are the key factors that will decide the name of a product. User-generated content prompt the users to purchase by creating an image of excellence towards the service. There’s a lot of customer-generated content like online reviews, embedded social photos on product pages, Organic social photos, Content booster by brands, Influence marketing, FAQ forums, and Discussion boards.

Subscription E-Commerce

Subscription E-commerce has grown by more than 100 percent in the past six years. When consumers buy the same product more than once, they come under subscription E-Commerce. So give the best personalization options for such customers.

B2B Commerce

B2B E-Commerce is evolving. Compared to B2C, the B2B E-commerce trend is said to rise to about $6.6 Trillion in 2021. This Business to business e-commerce refers to buying and selling of services directly to other businesses. B2B commerce takes different forms – SAAS(Software as a service), subscriptions, Security solutions, tools, etc. This trend will uplift your business by enhancing the relationship between various trade and networking communities.

Pick the Suitable E-Commerce Trend- The Conclusion

Hope you learned a lot about the emerging E-commerce Trends. Weigh your choices by deciding if the trend could meet your purpose of triumphing in the Digital Market. Quite Uncertain?

That’s okay, try out every growing technological development to provide quality and user-friendly services to your valuable customers. Use other E-Commerce tools and Web Content Management Tools to perfect your business.

Best of Luck!