Entrepreneurship development workshop

PSG Family of institutions of which PSGIM is a valuable member. Let there be charity, so that other people can share my family’s prosperity” were the inspiring words from Shri P. S. Govindaswamy Naidu who laid the foundation for one of the most respected charitable trusts in the country,Nine years before an independent India emerged, this thought-seed was planted to further the cause of education and the first polytechnic was started under the aegis of the trust. That was the beginning and the acorn today is a magnificent oak tree of excellence in learning.Joy shared is joy doubled, but knowledge shared is knowledge trebled. 

The Key objectives of Entrepreneur Developments are:

  • How to create awareness about the availability of Resource
  • How to develop and strengthen entrepreneur quality
  • How to remove unemployment
  • How to formulate the project
  • Understanding the process and procedure involved in setting up a small unit
  • Acquiring necessary managerial skill required to run the industry unit