Everything you need to know about Google meet

Google meet is Google’s video conferencing app that’s available to everyone who has a google account. An online meeting is easy to set up whether you’re an individual getting together with a couple of friends or a small business meet. It is something that most of us are using now, especially in this covid situation where we weren’t allowed to go out and was stuck in our houses in the lockdown period. Google meet was like a savior in that time, cause the video meets made the distance shorter to meet our friends and family. Students are using it for the classes. You’re allowed to have up to 100 participants and can be in the meeting for as long as 60 minutes.

How to gain access and start a meeting?

To access Google Meet as a regular Google user (for example, someone who uses familiar apps such as Gmail, Google Photos or YouTube), all you need to do is sign in to your account. You can also access Google Meet via your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. For a computer or laptop, there’s no need to download anything. Just navigate to Google Meet via your web browser. With a tablet or phone, download the Google Meet mobile app and you’re set.

After you sign into your Google account, go to meet.google.com. If you are hosting a meeting, click on start a new meeting. You’ll have the option of starting a meeting right away (instant meeting) or creating a meeting for later. You can then send the meeting link to the participants. If you have a meeting link, you can enter it into the space provided—it’s that simple!

Features of Google Meet:

Google meet comes with tons of free features that you can use to make your virtual meeting even better. The best part of having a google meet is you can hold as many meetings you want, as often you want. Participants just need to sign to their google account to join in. Thus becoming a great tool in the market for easy meetings. Let’s get into the exciting features that we have in google meet.

  • Live captioning: Live captions are fully automated and allow anyone to follow along in real-time. All you need to do is click on the three dots located on the Google Meet screen to find the option.
  • Device agnostic: Simply put, Google Meet works on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. It will work with both Android and iPhone. You can even join a meeting using Google Nest Hub Max. If you have a conference room setup, there’s Google Meet hardware available for that, too.
  • Screen sharing: You can share your whole screen, a singe chrome tab or a single application window with meeting participants. This lets you share and collaborate with ease.
  • Message during the meeting: You can instant message any meeting participants during the meeting. This makes it possible to share links, files and more with other participants.
  • Preview screen: When you’re going into a meeting, you can use the preview screen to make adjustments to your camera and mic. You can also see who has already joined the meeting.
  • Adjust layouts and screen settings: The default layout for Google Meet shows the most active meeting participant, but you can adjust things any way you want. Just click on the three dots on the Meet screen to access this feature.
  • Host controls: The meeting host is free to mute, remove or pin participants. However, due to privacy concerns only a participant can unmute themselves.
  • Full integration: Google Meet also integrates with Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook, which means you can access meetings directly from your calendar, even if it’s not the Google calendar.

Google meet is Fully secure and Compliant

Whenever people use Google Meet, whether as a meeting host or participant, they want to feel safe. That’s why Google Meet ensures full privacy, security and regulatory compliance. Users enjoy full data protection and a privacy commitment that’s part of all Google Cloud enterprise services. In addition, Google Meet offers:

  • In-transit encryption: All video meetings include in-transit encryption that complies with IETF security standards.
  • Anti-abuse features: This includes anti-hijacking controls to keep meetings safe. Participants must sign into the meeting with a PIN and the meeting details can be changed at any time. No one can join a meeting without an invite or requesting to join.
  • Regulatory compliance: Google Meet, along with all Google products, is regularly reviewed independently to verify privacy, security and compliance controls.

It’s nice to know that google meet has given you all the features to enjoy. With all the features google meet offers, you can be confident that you can meet with anyone at any time with ease.