Flipkart Advertising: A Detailed Guide

Flipkart Advertising

Flipkart advertising is making marketing simple. It’s making it easy to grow your business online. In India, when compared to any other E-commerce portal, Flipkart is trusted the most as it concedes you to utilize all the welfare of selling and buying within your budget plan.

As a seller, you need to get acquainted with how to bring your brand up during a product search. So here I’m to help you out! 

If you are an absolute beginner who is clueless, but ambitious to picture your business on an Ecommerce Big screen, then this blog might help you to kickstart your store by highlighting the right way of advertising your brand on Flipkart.

By Applying Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest” in the marketplace, what according to you helps the merchants survive? If you guessed advertising nuances (because why wouldn’t you!), you’re right. Advertising acts as a primary mechanism for growing one’s brand. It plays a very essential role in all the verticals of the market thereby helping the companies to increase their sales and productivity. The more you advertise, the more you grab your customers.

So how about we invest our time in learning how to become a Maestro in Flipkart Advertising! Alright, let’s get this show on the road!

What is Flipkart Advertising?

When you visit a shopping complex to buy a product, the salesperson would put forth the frequently sold brands for you to choose from. Similarly, when you look into the Flipkart application for buying a specific commodity, you immediately see the top recommendations splashing on your screen. Out of a billion available brands, how do you see these top-selling brands alone popping up first in your online shopping table? That is Flipkart advertising.

It is a dream for every e-commerce seller to display his product or brand in the top slots. But how does one accomplish it?

It can be made possible by advertising through Flipkart’s Performance-based marketing solution. It makes sure your product is viewed by a maximum number of customers, nearly 200 million registered users. You read that right!

During the customer searches, your brands will appear on the top results in the dedicated Ad slots. As a seller, by investing in these advertisement zones, you get a high probability of standing out from the crowd. In addition to placing your products in the top ad slots, you can also fetch an opportunity of inserting the “Buy Now” button into your product!

In addition, these advertisements increase the reach and visibility of your brand and frequently notify potential customers by screening your products in the relevant searches as well.

Factors Influencing your Ad Positions

Once you have started to advertise, your products will be visible in the exclusive ad slots of Flipkart. Now, many of you might wonder how your positioning or order of advertisements in Flipkart is decided.

Well, the answer is, there are several factors influencing your ad positions.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)Bid: 

Cost per click is an online advertising revenue framework where the advertisers need to pay the desired amount for every click that the customer makes on their product while visiting the shopping page. Just like an auction, CPC bidding takes place frequently in Flipkart to decide which product has to be screened on top. CPC campaigns increase the visibility of your brand thereby encouraging the customers to buy it. The more and more you bid, greater is the chance for your product to be highly visible.

Overall Conversion and Action Rate:

The overall conversion and action rate works hand in hand. These conversion rates analyze the number of products that the customer had purchased by clicking on your ads. The overall action rate undergoes a comparative study of determining the number of times your products are clicked, upon the number of times it has just been viewed. 

Seller Ratings :

Seller ratings, as the name suggests, are the reviews and ratings that are given by the customers to the sellers for their remarkable and satisfactory service throughout their purchase. These seller ratings also play a very vital role in determining your success in the CPC bid and occupying the dedicated ad slot sections.

That’s that about the importance of Flipkart advertising. But how exactly do we make it happen?

Simple Steps to Begin Flipkart Advertising

To advertise your product on Flipkart, you first need to create a Flipkart advertising campaign. To start this, let’s first create a checklist of three items. 

  • The photos
  • Prices
  • Sufficient inventory. 

Product images should be highly relevant and convincing. Similarly, the product prices should be highly competitive for the same and different trading portals. And most importantly there must be a sufficient inventory to meet the demands of the growing online customers.

Following this, credit your wallet with the required money for starting the campaign.

From there, it’s a two-step process:

1. Create or Choose your product listings:

Product listings can be selected in two ways: manually or by seeking the help of system-recommended Stock Keeping Units(SKU).

If you’re going the manual route, you can select each commodity separately by using the manual option or by uploading the CSV files. There are numerous available filtering options like Category, Selling price, Stock Count, Date added, etc. in the manual section. These filters will help you to list the products more effectively over the campaign. 

In case you want to try it out by uploading CSV files, you can download a template, insert the listing ids and then upload the file back again. This is especially useful over manual listings if you have a bulk listing of products, as it does not consume much of your time in the first step. This method also keeps you updated with the current trends of products.

However, you need to keep one thing in mind. Flipkart allows you to list only up to 2000 listings.

The next option is SKU (Stock Keeping Units) that will automatically show you the preferred or recommended listings, which can then be customized according to your needs. However, these SKUs do not allow you to add extra listings during the creation of the list. 

2. Select the Campaign type to meet your purpose:

Once you’re done with your listings, you have to choose your appropriate Campaign type. According to your business purpose, it can either be CPC or SmartROI. Following this, you need to set the duration of the campaign and the budget. After filling up all these details, the advertiser needs to review the listing and categorisation in the basic details, product & design, and pay breakdown sections. If everything is perfect you can go ahead and click the “Pay and Create Campaign” option to launch the campaign and bid wisely to top the table.

Now it’s you turn to express the Maestro within!

That’s Flipkart advertising in a nutshell! Once you’ve set up everything, it’s time for you to implement and experience the outcomes of Flipkart advertising. So to boost you up, let me conclude with an assurance of what you will gain.

You will see tremendous growth in your overall sales. All your new arrivals will be pushed early to invoke the customers. There will be greater visibility for your product and all these can be controlled efficiently in your seller portal.

All you need to religiously do is periodically analyze your campaign’s performance and take actions instantly to transform your dream business.

Advertise more, Earn more and become a Marketing Maestro!