What is Freshdesk? Know the Basics!



Freshdesk is the platform where you get a solution to all support query problems. You don’t have to worry about queries coming from different platforms. Freshdesk is here to give you the right platform to store every query related to customer problems at a single dashboard.

Freshdesk helps business to set up their social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Mail integration in Freshdesk supports resolving queries in which customers are raising tickets. This will make it easier for the support executive to answer all the queries using the Freshdesk tickets.

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Getting to Know Freshdesk Better

Packages on Offer from Freshdesk

There are five packages on offer, Namely: Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate and Forest. So, for the best plan, start with basic features. The blossom package gives an edge to start with the support team to get experienced. When the team and queries get bigger it is obvious you upgrade it to the required package. The first step to get started is to sign up using your email or giving credentials as required. After signing up you just have to look for the features and benefits you get from the blossom plan.

Payments on Freshdesk

Once you go through all the benefits and features you have to make the payments. Just go for the yearly plan, it’ll be worthy and also you get discounts if you pay a yearly fee instead of a monthly fee. After the payment process is done, you have to start testing the platform by giving your email information.

Once it is tested and integrated you are free to integrate other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You have the customization to select which queries to be shown as tickets in the social media comment section. You just have to type in the words which contains support, refund, return, order, query, etc, So, whoever mention the words in the comment it will be raised as a ticket in the Freshdesk dashboard.

Once the social media is set up, move on to integrate the custom email of your business. You have to give the custom domain URL and custom mail to in the Freshdesk software and you have to change the setting in the email. The POP setting to be set forwarding to the given Freshdesk URL. Then all the queries that come to that mail will be converted as ticket and stored in Freshdesk support ticket and you can set the time to resolve the issues with the customer also.


Freshdesk also offers many features like fresh chat and fresh caller to manage chat and call support at one desk. It will be great if you have the call and chat support also because customers can reach you so fast and hope they can sort out their queries quickly.