Get emotional with what you do

The talk on Entrepreneurship was hosted by the students union club on 22nd December 2014, Coimbatore. Mr Karthi Easwaramoorthy delivered the talk on his own early life and his passion for success.

The story is: As a kid, I was very energetic and wanted to accomplish all his work before due. When I was in 8th grade there was a small festival happening in his family. That’s where I noticed a serious contrast between the normal person and an educated person. This incident gave me a new perspective, and I decided to study. So, I started to study by getting emotional about what I do. It was the initial step for my success path. The perseverance of attaching to my passion gave me 100/100 in mathematics, 10th board exam. With the same endurance, I finished my 12th with 97% percentage and got into Kongu Engineering college. 

College days gave me the platform to execute my passion in a smart way. Everyone was excellent in delivering their own skills. It looks quite normal when everyone exhibits their skills. Many are good in sports, co-curricular and extracurricular. I understood at that point, passion is we have to choose, what it comes to you naturally. Though I am good at maths and Physics, I decided to concentrate on it, the out result was I was the best-going student with gold medal and distinction. Then I worked in Silicon Valley, US, for two decades, with Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and so forth. On returning to India, I co-founded, along with Arun Athiappan and Vasu Ramaswamy. My varied professional experience has contributed to making this ticketing portal one of the leading ones in the space as on date. A radio enthusiast, he successfully built and ran a regional language FM radio station at the Stanford University Campus in California which later became the best-known radio station for the Indian community living in the Bay area. Being a movie enthusiast, I also was a part-time reporter with some of the leading newspapers and magazines writing movie reviews. As a socially responsible person, I built, a non-profit organisation in the US to help the needy students in India.