Guide to become a pro in inbound link building for SEO

Link building can be referred to as the process of getting your websites linked by other websites. This helps to drive traffic in your website. Link building plays a vital role in ranking your website in the first page. This means you should create quality backlinks. This helps to increase the domain authority, gain referral traffic, and increase search engine rankings. There’s no doubt that you have to put in a lot of effort to increase inbound links or backlinks. Nothing can be achieved without putting in effort. If you have a great source of content and go into the front of right people, then, you have the higher possibility of increasing the domain authority of your website and increase the search engine rankings. The higher quality link the webpage has, the better it ranks in the search engine. So, how do you get high-quality links from other websites? Simple, by following the tips mentioned here.

Importance of Inbound or backlinks:

Links are useful for both organic SEO and local SEO. Search engines like google discover new content through these links and also verify the quality of the content. Good links are like votes, which determines how worthy is your content. So, it important for any SEO professional to invest their time and effort in creating quality backlinks. Make sure to create natural backlinks, as google can figure out the unnatural linking patterns. The links for SEO should be:

  • Helpful to drive traffic to your website
  • High quality backlinks
  • It should be natural links.

The high quality backlinks help to:

  • Increase the domain authority of the website
  • Increase search engine rankings
  • Drives traffic to your website

Confused still about increase high quality links for SEO? Read more to get the best insights about it.

Create high-quality content:

According to link building experts, creating high quality content on a continuous basis is one of the best strategies to be used for link building. Write content which will be valued by the readers, not for the people to link your blog post. Writing a blog post, posting a video, just for the links will not take you much far. Post content which is valuable to the readers.

Write content which is related to your industry. As that will be helpful for your readers to get the information they want. Are you confused about what to write in the blog posts? Let’s get into the examples for better understanding

For instance – If you own a garment company for men then, you can write blogs about various types of t-shirts and tips to style them with different accessories and many more.

Link other blogs to your blog:

“We reap what we sow” is the often heard proverb since childhood. It applies here too. the more you link to others in a consistent manner, there is a higher probability of other bloggers to return the favor. It also helps in making a good user experience for your readers. As the points which you haven’t covered, the link which you are providing in your blog might cover those points and make your readers understand much better. Which is not less than a reward for them.

Consider writing guest blogs:

Guest posting can be simply referred as writing and contributing articles that is posted in some other website. It is a great way to earn quality links. By working with other bloggers, you tend to build relationships with them, which turns out to be fruitful in the long run. Are you perplexed whom to write to? there are a lot of websites which invites guest bloggers to submit their original articles what the readership wants to learn. If you’re concerned with fashion company then, you can inquire to fashion publications about it.

Be active on social media:

When you get active on social media, boosting engagement would be just a piece of cake for you, even if you are new to it. As you can share the right content to right people and increase popularity. You can segment the audience and target them specifically, according to their tastes and preferences. This helps to increase your boost profile and increases visibility too. isn’t it advantageous to be active on social media?

Use broken links to the maximum:

Link building

When a user tries to access the link, and if it doesn’t work, that is termed as dead links or broken links. Leverage the broken link strategy. The broken link strategy is the best way to go if you don’t have much time left to create links after writing blog. You can find the broken links and replace it with the other related link in your blog. You should always remember to fix the broken links. Examples of broken links are :

  • 404 page not found: the page doesn’t exist to the server
  • Bad host: The server with that name doesn’t exist
  • Bad URL: Malformed URL
  • Empty: The host server returns empty with no response code and no content.

Conduct Free Webinars and post archived copies:

The best way to create backlinks is to convert your blog into power point presentations, PDF, Audio format and post into some other website which has higher domain authority. So, that people can become familiar about your brand. Which will directly gain traffic to your websites. This cannot happen overnight. Be consistent and create more and more backlinks by posting in the websites which has higher domain authority and allowing the readers to read it for free.

Create interesting infographics:

Who doesn’t like infographics? This is an amazing way to increase backlinking as when you create your own infographics, people will link back to you as the original source. Which in turn will increase the domain authority of your website. You can create any kind of infographics with the latest technology without much effort. Your topic c should be eye catchy for the viewer to stop and go through the content. In the fast era, people are much interested to scroll down content with the minimum words or just images. You can use this as a good opportunity and use it to build links.

We are sure these links will definitely help you out to shine in the industry with more inbound links built. Just go through these tips and make your digital marketing team to apply them