Hacks and tricks of Telegram features

Hacks and tricks of Telegram features

Hacks and tricks of Telegram features are one of the foremost interesting topics to learn today. Nowadays, youngsters stick to the social media known as Telegram. Do we wonder how telegram affects people? What is the meaning of telegram? How does it put down people’s desires by distracting them? It consists of huge stickers and GIFs which express the real emotions in the reel. It also releases upcoming movies before their actual release in theatre. This develops the OTT platform and shows the impact of the modern generation. Few chats can be hidden from officials with a password. Likewise, we also have WhatsApp with the hottest tips to use in today’s generation.

Hacks and Tricks

Hacks and tricks of Telegram features start with separating the work and personal chats with folders. Personal life and professional life are diverging with the help of such social media. Name the folders with respective names. There are also folders created with close friends’ chats, channels, study groups, and so on. Go to setting > chat folders > create new folder falls under steps to create. Always try to schedule messages ahead of time. This is so interesting because we don’t want to wake up at midnight for birthday wishes. Rather, this hack itself sends the message when we set the respective time. Drafts your message > click and hold the send button > select schedule message > select a date and time.

Telegram like Snapchat

The next hack is to have an easy reminder in saved, messages. This is useful. Telegram hacks and tricks the first step is to draft the reminder > tap and hold the send button > select “set reminder” and choose your date and time. The next hack goes like this, sending a silent message so that one cannot disturb another person. Step one is to draft the message > tap and hold the send button > and select send without sound. As an alternative to this, we can read the custom notification sounds. The next hack is to send embarrassing pics in self–destruct mode. This seems disappearing messages in telegram is also possible like Snapchat. The steps are,

  1. Take a photo to send
  2. Tap and hold the send button
  3. Select send with timer and choose a duration

Hacks and tricks of Telegram features also hold stop getting added to spam chat groups. It is like spam chats are becoming more prevalent. When we open the telegram application we randomly view that we were added to more than 50 chat groups. This seems annoying sometimes. So that we have steps as go to setting > privacy and security > groups > under who can add me > select my contacts. This seems released from such unknown distractions.

Surprised tricks

It is surprising to hide the last seen from respective contacts. The best part of this telegram function is that it does not disable the last seen entirely but only for specific contacts. The steps are,

  1. Go to setting
  2. Privacy and security
  3. Click last seen and select an option under who can see my time stamp.

To disable last seen from specific contacts click never share with and select contacts.
Hacks and tricks of Telegram features have set his app as a passcode to keep people away. After moving on to the setting, click the password lock > passcode. It is possible to watch YouTube videos and chat in telegram at the same time. The steps are, to click on the thumbnail of the video link > select the Fullscreen icon to watch within the app itself > if we want to chat at the same time, click the picture-in-picture icon. It is also having the ability to create groups of more than 200,000 members. It is huge and at the same time useful to share important news. That can have a view over a huge number of members at a time. It uses for emergency purposes.

Adding people to groups through group links is also one method to easily join telegram. Channels are huge in telegram, joining in it makes to inhale information about what happened daily in the world. There are channels such as movies, academics, general knowledge, and so on. These hacks and tricks play a major role in social media marketing.