History and Evolution of Apple logo

History and Evolution of Apple logo

History and Evolution of Apple logo is something that triggering out people to know about it. It’s a brand, just a pure brand. People usually feel themselves proud just by having a gadget with Apple logo. Not just a fruit apple it’s the Apple company which brought a standard brand into the market. Let me ask you something. What comes to your mind when you hear of a word Apple? More than the fruit it is more likely to be associated with the company.

History and Evolution of Apple logo

Steve Jobs with his two friends co-founded Apple computer Inc. in 1967. Ronald Wayne, one of the co-founder hand-sketched the first Apple logo. The idea behind him was he wanted to represent the law of gravity which is inspired by an apple.

The first logo depicts Isaac Newton, who revolutionized science with his discoveries. Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree with a quote from William Wordsworth and depicted the entire event in that logo. As time passes, the logo did not last very long.

Change of first logo

After Ronald left the company shortly Steve Jobs felt that the logo was too old fashioned and soon hired graphic designer Rob Janoff. This was the first time the new logo of bitten apple was created. Jobs changes the old one with this logo by the end of the company’s first year. This new bitten apple logo contained a rainbow spectrum which represented the company as the first computer with color display.

 There were many rumors after the second logo came into use. However, it survived 22 years. After Jobs return to Apple in 1997, the company was running loss and he decided to change the logo. The next evolution was a monochrome Apple logo which attributes a straightforward and honest aesthetic is still in use though the logo has upgraded.

From 2001 to 2007, the logo took a metallic look. The Glass themed logo came into use. Now a days a white logo is seen in many variants which is connected to the Garden od Eden. Where Eve took a bite from a forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge which granted her wisdom of the gods. This may subconsciously explain why apple brand stands the test of time among the rapidly moving world industries.

History and Evolution of Apple logo and the history behind it will always create a curiosity among the people and we hope it may help you travel the curiosity.