History and timeline of Canon – The best camera

History and timeline of Canon – The best camera

History and timeline of Canon – The best camera which evolves in 1933. What is this brand means? What specialty does this brand hold? The photograph is something that makes memories cherished the goof photography. So, Canon is here to gain ample knowledge about the best camera brand. The predecessor of Canon of optical instruments lab found in a place called Roppongi to organize.  

In 1934 the Kwanon, Japan’s 1st 35mm plane shutter camera produce in a prototype method. When you read about the Canon camera, then you should be aware of the story of Nikon and its chronology timeline. The best rival among these two brands is visible everywhere. In 1935, the brand flies for the trademark “Canon”. The timeline in 1936, the Hansa Canon, a focal shutter camera establishes in 35 mm. In 1937, the optical industry of precision is founded. In 1939, the production of the Serenar lens commenced.

The timeline of the Canon

In 1942, Takeshi Mitarai was appointed as the president of this optical industry. As the years passes, in 1955, Canon’s New York branch was opened as an office. In 1960, the Canon brand develops a magnetic head for use in many ways. In 1961, the main factory of the company in Toride was completed. When studying about Canon, the history and timeline of fuji film are also essential to get further information about the struggle for the best camera in the world. In 1964, the Canola 130, the first world’s ten key calculators introduces by the Canon brand. In 1970, Japan’s first PPC introduces in the Canon markets. And then, the first mask aligners in Japan establishes.

In 1974, the president of Canon was Takeo Maeda. The business machines strategy establishes in California. Later on, many office computers nearly 100 to 500 introduces. Then, a portable typewriter announces as their next production. In 1976, the brand Canons establishes in the UK. AE – 1 SLR camera built as a micro-computer which triggers the AE boom. The president was frequently changing, in 1977, Ryuxaburo Kaku was the president of Canon.

Have you heard of the biggest competition for the brand Canon? Yes, it is Sony, and never miss the opportunity to read the pride and triumphant story of Sony. In 1979, the semiconductor laser introduces in LBP-10. Then, consequently, a language word processor introduces as Cano word. As the years passed, copy machines establishes Majorly, 1987 there was a mutual understanding between Japan and Europe. Then, they brought a color digital copying machine with fined lenses.

The presidents of the Canon company

In 1989, Keizo Yamaji became president of Canon company. Where he brought a color laser copying machine that introduces CLC-500. In 1990, the world’s high-speed copying machine with a logical process introduces. Hajime Mitarai appoints as the president of Canon in the year of 1993. In 1995, it was Fujio Mitarai, who as brought the four photosensitive drums into the world. Not only cameras but also mobile cameras also come as challengers with the best camera in the world. Likewise, we have a history of One Plus models on the list. Try to know about the features of the One Plus camera.

The production in consecutive years

In 1996, the 2x zoom camera with the compactness of advanced photos introduces. In 2000, the best PowerShot with S100 digital compact camera came into production. 2003, the broadcasting lens with the world’s highest zoom lens range introduces. In 2008, the first camera with full HD video introduces, and most youngsters love buying it even today. Respective to these products in the Canon company. We also have a mixed reality system, and digital SLR camera. 4K video for professional purposes, RV1100 3-D machine vision, inkjet printers, 4K projector, EOS-1D X mark flagship model, interchangeable network camera with lens.

Apart from these, we also have the production of a diagnosis system. In 2017, a cut-sheet printer. A mirrorless camera with an RF lens, a camera printer, a projector, and a broadcast lens. In 2021 the production of full-frame mirrorless camera WO3 R3 was in production with a CMOS sensor. Last but not least, the final product so for now is. The PowerShot PICK where the camera controls the process of recording and shoots automatically.

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