Hologram Technology and working

Hologram Technology and working

Hologram Technology and working can be understood in simple terms. It is nothing but the next stage of photographic technique. It is a three-dimensional object that can be seen without any special equipment that is, it can be seen without any medium. There are various kinds of Hologram like transmission holograms, rainbow holograms and recent 3D holograms.

The interesting fact about hologram is it allows us to see the animations as real objects. The objects will be floating in mid-air or standing nearby. The main purpose of this hologram is to make the audience to feel the liveliness and reality. The image is visible from all sides which means the user is free to walk around the display. Even though, he could see the realistic image form.

In the history of Hologram technology, Dennis Gabor got Nobel prize for inventing such Holographic method. And many have got awards for certain achievements in Hologram. Recently a new hologram technology has developed that can project 3D objects from a different location in real-time.

Hologram Working

To be very simple, a beam of laser light is split into two identical beams. One beam is directed at the object and then scattered onto the recording medium. Whereas other beam is redirected by the use of mirrors into the recording medium without going into the object.

In this process, photographic plates are commonly used as a recording medium.

3D reconstruction

There are three major steps involved in a 3D image reconstruction.

First, the different perspectives or the multi view of the image should be captured by a set of cameras. Second, this captured data will be converted into a suitable data format for the display. Thirdly, the display of data from many SLM’s will enlarge the viewing angle.


There are many applications available in “Hologram Technology and working”. For example, here are the few applications.

Data storage, security, machine and imaging, military, entertainment and gaming and finally education.

Using holographic data storage techniques, a large amount of information and data’s can be stored inside high-density crystals and polymers. The main advantage of this kind of data storage is to use the entire volume of the recording medium whereas other techniques may just use the surface.

In addition, security holograms are extremely difficult because they replicated from a master hologram. This kind of security holograms may be found in currencies, passports, credit cards etc.

Machine and imaging hologram is mainly used by student to and doctors to visualize the 3D images of complex objects. This will be suited as well to educational experiences. In military, holographic 3D maps for battle spaces and military strategies can be stored using this technique.

But majorly this holographic can be related easily by the youth generation in entertainment and gaming. Movies, plays and real time multiplayer gaming experiences attracts the entire mass towards gaming holograms.