How does the UPI autopay of Netflix work?

How does the UPI autopay of Netflix work?

How does the UPI autopay of Netflix work? Interesting right? Yeah, the new feature of Netflix has been introduced not to make the subscriber trouble every month to do the payment. Sometimes the auto-renewal is the trouble it’s helpful. The new UPI autopay feature will let users pay for their monthly Netflix subscription automatically. It highlights three main points, that is Netflix is rolling out support for autopay payments in India. When people switch their mode to autopay, the money is deducted straight away from the UPI account automatically.

It may be bad to some and a helping hand for Netflix lovers. The Autopay feature will be anytime available to android users on the subscriber would not have to make the payment manually. Both new and existing users of Netflix can get this option. The head of payments, at Netflix Gunjan Pradhan said, “Starting today” anyone signing up as a user can pay their autopay payment by using their unified payments interface.

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What about the existing users? How can they switch to a unified payments interface payment? It is easy, members in India can get into the billing details in their account section on a browser, or through the android app, they can switch their payment. Some might have doubt how does it work. How can we sign up for the Netflix autopay if we are new users? Here comes the answer, the initial step is to create an account using an email id. People can use email to access their Netflix account wherever they are. How does the autopay of Netflix work? It’s still in chaos, right? Following the first step, we have the created account in hand, which will be asked to choose the plans that are listed on the screen.

The plans such as Rs 199, Rs 499, Rs 699, and Rs 799 will show on the screen after signing up from the web browser. If the user is signing in using the android mobile app, then the user can choose the lowest plan which is Rs 199 which will make the user watch it on two devices. After selecting the payment method is asked to start the Netflix subscription for the month by watching on various devices.

People can either use cards like credit or debit card details to make the payment or simply they can enter the details of their respective UPI accounts. Autopay is the new method to pay with UPI that will charge the users automatically every month. In that way, the users will never miss out on any programs or show that they wish to watch continuously. How does the autopay of Netflix work? The readers might have gotten some outline of what it is and how to operate it.


The new method of payment will make it convenient for the users to always stay connected with the shows, movies, and series. Some users tend to fail in their payments on time and they used to forget due to other schedules in their work, so Netflix with autopay payment has made the work easy. How does the autopay of Netflix work? Also includes whether it is an advantage or disadvantage. Netflix never fails to prove its motto, that is its goal is to give members more freedom and control over their Netflix experience to visualize their favorite channels. Pradhan also said this would give the users more flexibility and satisfaction with their monthly reminders.