How each generation shops in 2022

How each generation shops in 2022

How each generation shops in 2022 will give a deep insight into each generation, bring out their shopping habits, and show the differences and similarities between them.

Let’s start our overview with Gen Z, age 18–24.

Gen Z learns about new products through social media, YouTube ads, internet searches, and Instagram. According to the Consumer Trends Report, 33% of this generation have made their shopping decisions through influencers’ recommendations in the past three months. And 28% have shopped through app shops. Two-thirds of Gen Z want businesses to advocate for sensitive and social rights issues. This has a strong impact on Gen Z purchase decisions.

Overview of Millennials aged 25-35

This generation, like Gen Z, is influenced by social media, internet searches, YouTube ads, and so on.Apps like Facebook and Instagram are the top social media apps among Millennials. According to the Consumer Trends Report, 28% of this generation purchased through app stores and 26% shopped based on an influencer’s recommendation. We could see the open difference between the percentages in the above generations.

41% of Millennials want companies to participate in social issues. Specifically, racial justice, climate change, healthcare, and the most recent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.Apart from these advertisements on television, their reach among millennials is only by a small margin.

Gen X overview, age 35–54

Unlike the above two generations, Gen X prefers television ads, considerable internet search, and mostly retail stores to discover new products. Mostly Gen X discovers new products on social media even though it isn’t preferred. According to the Consumer Trends Report, 90% of Gen X use social media and the major three platforms are being used by them. They are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Only 18% of this generation shopped through in-app shops. 35%, considerably an average percentage of the people, ask companies to stand up for the social issues we discussed earlier, except for LGBTQ++. But 38% say that companies should not be involved in social issues and 26% aren’t sure about that.

Lastly, the Boomer Overview, age 55+

Advertisements on television, internet search, and retail shops are the top ways where boomers discover new products. Compared to that, social media fell flat for boomers, and only 17% found new products through social media and only 4% shopped through in-app stores.

And also, half of the boomers say that companies should not stand for any social issues. In fact, social issues have no impact on purchase decisions for the majority of boomers.

Certainly, by knowing all this, you can engage with your target audience rapidly. But consumer shopping habits will change often. You should be aware of the trends then and there so that you won’t be pulled out of the market.

And this is how each generation shops in 2022. I hope you got what you needed!