How to Create an Effective Customer Journey Map?

Here are the very effective way of creating Customer Journey map…When we talk about the journey, the very first thought that comes to my mind is the memories we have spent in our lifetime and those wonderful experiences that could be bitter as well as joyful sometimes. In the same manner, when a customer purchases something from the store or site he is creating a memory for his lifetime. They just do not buy a product from the store but it is the starting stage of building a relationship with our dear customers. The challenging part of every organization or company is to always get along with customers’ choices as it varies from person to person. The moment we start thinking that we are going with our customer mind, new technology or new trends emerges in the market.

You may come across certain thoughts that as people prefer more online shopping and they purchase the items which they select in cart. Sometimes they jump to different sites for the same product to check out the rates. There would be the time when people don’t buy the products kept in the cart and they prefer surprisingly different from the choice they have chosen before as they were pretending to choose. Certain things are unexpected but the customer mapping will improve the experience of the company with customers and make customer journey more interesting.

The journey of customers is a method by which we can figure out their needs in a manner to achieve the company targets and achievement. This in this era of the present world, our customers interact with us in different ways such as through social media and blogs, etc. Making a situation of “thank you for purchasing “we have to undergo many processes.

This is a different experience and exposure from physical customers. a physical experience customer shows many different signs for the scope of improvement and interest.

Well, a very good way of understanding customer needs need is by asking them uniquely and interestingly.

Let’s get started without wasting much of our time.

Customer journey map

The customer journey map is a picturize presentation of the However, simply understanding the customer journey isn’t enough. It’s best to visualize this complicated journey into a diagram that you and other employees can refer to as a resource. The right place for designing the customer journey for better understanding and achieving the customer goals.

Customer journey mapping

The customer journey map helps us to stay connected with the customer’s motivation and needs. This helps us to boost the customer experience and connection with us. This information from customers can be organized in such a way which helps us to improve our product and can predict customer needs accordingly.

The customer journey can be identified by how well they have connected with us and through which means. a linear graph from point a – point b indicates the journey they have traveled and how far they will travel with us.

Modern businessmen are savvy about their business as they always have different ideas and unique means to grab customer attention. From pivot chart to pie chart. from calculating customer relations through notes to app development user engagement has changed a lot with the bigger phase of user engagement.

Getting customers’ full details about their purchases from top to bottom will help us to make better customer mapping. we must take care of certain topics such as how far customer has come for this product. just also look into the various ways by which they are connected with you such as newsletter, social media, and blogs.

What can we include in customer mapping?

  1. Their buying journey.
  2. User steps.
  3. Empathy towards product
  4. Solution.

Every single step defines the amusing journey of the customer. The above steps would bring the clarity of thoughts faced by customers.

 How to Create a Customer Journey Map?

  • Keep clear objectives for mapping
  • Outline your character goals and objective in a defined way.
  •  Spotlight your focussed customer character
  •  Roll out the various addon points
  • Find out the objects that your map showcase
  • Regulate the assets which you need and you required.
  • You must go through that journey
  • Keep updating with new trends.

Our objective about our customer decides the service and how long we would carry our trust on the product. upgrading our reach to the audience should match with recent trends. Getting along with customer choice and taste is a big task.

To get a correct mapping we must check on this:

customer-journey-map_digitalvillage_karthi easwaramoorthy
  1. Type of customer
  2. Linked with phone number.
  3. Linked with the newsletter, email subscription, etc.

The mapping looks more amazing when you regularly update the details and you can see that in various types of graphs, pie charts….

When I talk about touchpoint we can connect with customers through the website, expert reach, through customer executive center,sales-person, and help desk. these sources help us to connect with the customer and help us know their needs and help in mapping to a greater extent.

When it’s time to connect with the customer through empathy -also known as emotion/feelings we have certain ways such as Good Public Information, good feelings, spreading happiness to the customers through wonderful service are the points which we must look on it.

Let us see how we can influence our customers:

Website, ads: this digital world understands the product they see on their online pages. reaching through advertisement and website could increase product demand.

Call center support: This is the way where their complaints could be an opportunity for the betterment of the product and sometimes for creating a new trend.

Social media influencer: well, this is the new trend as most of the population is on social media. grabbing the attention of people could not be better than this. having a page in meta, Instagram and LinkedIn will increase your marketability.

Let’s rock and roll and I wish your company reaches new heights in the future. just keep in mind these steps to map with your customers and make them your permanent customer forever