How to do a website audit and its types?

How to do a website audit and its types?


How to do a website audit and its types? What is a website audit? A website audit examines page performance prior to large-scale search engine optimization that is SEO or a website redesign. Auditing your website helps you to determine the traffic goals of the website and gives you an idea to improve your website to reach those goals. There are five types of website audits. And also, there are five important benefits of a website audit that most of us weren’t aware of. Auditing your website is not a harder one. You can easily audit your website using the site audit tool.

                      Five types of website audit are Competitive website audit, SEO link audit, Lead conversion optimization audit, Social media audit, and SEO website audit.

 Competitive Website Audit 

              A competitive website audit helps to track your competitors and their strategies. It helps to analyze what your brand is missing from others. Usually, this type works in a way that shows what makes other companies the best ones and what’s missing in their own. This helps to work out what’s missing and use those strategies. In this type, the audit will be done using a SWOT analysis on a competitor’s website. This tracks the website’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

SEO Link Audit

              A link pointing to your websites will be processed in this type in order to find the potential issues or opportunities that come back in your backlink profile. This type of audit, evaluate your links and helps to optimize your site in order to rank it for target keywords. You can check your link’s quality and value using tools like Ahref’s backlink checker. This helps to know a lot about the link that you have gathered. As links from well-respected websites are more valuable and useful one rather than links from smaller, as it is less known sites. 

Lead Conversion Optimization Audit

             This audit will analyze conversion issues and other opportunities of the link. This helps to know the main source of the traffic which comes to the website and also the one which is on its way to it. Google Analytics is one of the best tools for this type of audit. There are many reasons to use google analytics for your website. As it helps to understand more about the audience’s behavior. Also, the quality of the content is a prominent one. It should be informative, helpful, and up to the trend.

Social Media Audit

              Social media plays a prominent role in a brand’s performance. One brand’s performance is highly impacted by social media nowadays. And so this type of audit is an important one to boost the website. All you have to do in this audit is that check whether your social media presence pushes your website. If isn’t so then immediately conduct social media audit to push more traffic to your website. Then, you have to list down all your company’s accounts. And have to determine each account if they are all consistent with the company’s branding like logo, images, tone of voice, etc.

SEO Website Audit

         This SEO Website Audit evaluates every factor that impacts the performance of your site in SERPs. This audit includes links and also extends to other aspects of the websites such as keyword usage, content, metadata, page speed, user journey, and video optimization. You can easily conduct an SEO on your own but employing someone will get you more clear answers.


Thus, the Website audit and its types. By using these website audits you can easily find out why is your new website not ranking.