How to improve the readability of content?

Why readability is so important? Because it decides the reader to stay on your page or not. Having a super cool idea in your mind is not enough to create content or a blog. You should be able to communicate with your readers and they have to get the idea at the same level you have in your mind about the topic. The success of your writing depends on how happy your readers about your writing. Happy readers aids in more impact on your business and more money. If you consider your written work as a puzzle, your reader can able to solve the puzzle. That is readability. You can use more complex words and vocab on your writing with long hard to get sentences to make the puzzle tough or you can use simple, easy to understand words and convey in a manner even students can easily understand what you are written. Short, simple, easy to understand words can improve readability.

Using simple and short words is the primary point in creating good readability content. Remember, when creating a book or a blog or a webpage, it is not a place where you can showcase your vocab or deep knowledge in the language. You are not writing for yourself. The purpose of content creation is to reach people at different levels. So try to make the sentences shorter with easy to understand words.

In case you are using any complex or strange words (because sometimes the plot demands it) it is your duty (writer’s duty) to make it clear to the readers in the same sentence or the very next sentence.

Never bring multiple ideas in one sentence. If you have more than one idea to convey, use more than one sentence for that. Creating great sentences is not the goal, creating unique complex sentences doesn’t make you a great writer. String together all those ideas in your mind to create simple short sentences, you will be amazed at how great your content can become.

Always write sentences in the active voice. Usage of passive voice uses more words and it will unnecessarily bore readers. Use subheadings in your writings for a better understanding of the descriptions. The subheading is the little rest stop along the road. It will also help to organize your writing and give you an alarm when you ramble or going out of context.  

Adding visual elements to your content is a treat to your readers. When you use charts, infographics, pictures, etc in your content helps the readers to absorb information more easily. Using personal language in writing is a great idea. It will save readers from the boredom of the cliché writing style. A well-organized content will save a lot of time and energy of the user. Adding some humor and entertainment to your content is a good idea. If you can make your writer laugh and entertain they will more likely to stick on to your writings.

Benefits of good readability

To get rank higher in Search Engine Results Page, your website should be readable. When you make your content readable, more people are likely to frequently visit. 

Better readability results in more traffic to your site. If your site is full of complex words they will not show in the SERP. Users will search for the keywords they know. So better readability helps to bring more traffic to your website.

Your site should be usable by its target audience. Do not be tempted to write content to a readability level that could exclude your ideal viewers. A better readability score equals a higher rate of usability. Improved usability increases page views, engagement, and conversions.

Creating content is to increase conversion rates. Micro conversions also impact the business, like clicking a link, watching a video, etc. More readable content means more conversions. What matters more is the readers have to stick on to the webpage to convert. For the success of business high-quality readable contents are important. Readable content keeps them coming and stay, indirectly customers have faith in your business.