How to revive an old blog article for SEO


Revive an old blog for SEO. The beauty of an SEO is writing a blog that helps thousands of people who visit his blog to change his vision and idea but sometimes the blog which gets old (i.e.The post which has been posted before sometime or long back )will lose its credibility and traffic and especially organic Traffic. 

Blogging cannot be called a masterpiece unless it has the tendency to melt the heart of readers or increase the vision of readers after reading them. Probably, those old blog posts which were posted long back are declining in search rankings which leads to driving less traffic to your site which used to be more compared to the blog which was posted a few min ago. It will also lead to a decline in your marketing path.

Doing research on the ways to improve the traffic of old blogs and implementing those strategies on improving these issues will help your old SEO to get back

By doing so your old post will take a jump in the ranking list which will directly help you to increase traffic in fact better traffic than the old one. It will make your site at the top of the eye and could win the best blog of the year if it content has the power to reach a wider audience. ”Content is the king”

The benefits of updating Old Blogs

Revive an old blog for SEO. The real advantage of updating old blogs’ content will be providing a better user experience. It will increase SEO opportunities. The visitors to the website expect quality-related content and added values. They usually search for fresh content and updated information. Periodic updates will enhance user experience and will also increase the quality of the website. Periodic updates increase opportunities for SEO by gathering more traffic to the blog, it has other advantages such as boosting website rankings and creating many backlinks.

Ways  To Revive An Old Blog Post

It’s time for your blog post to make a masterpiece. Revive an old blog for SEO. Squeeze your brain before going on reviving an old blog post, think about the way you choose which posts will bring your worth to content back to life? For these short-term growth goals, John Bonini suggests some ways in updating the following content:

  • Immense mistake: The Content that has perished  in a  huge  volume  from past 3-5months
  • Near to the  Popularity: Content that’s currently ranking on page 2.
  • Lost its way: Content that’s targeting high-intent, high-volume keywords that are not ranking at all.

To bring back  life to the old blog post :

  • Aim for new keywords
  • Up-to-date the SEO on-page.
  • Modify the content.
  • Internally link to new content.

1.Aim for new keywords

 Your old blog post is decided on the following factors: Depending on a few factors such as to know the date of publishing. There can be only two things: getting the keywords based on their difficulty and volume search during that time. The knowledge on SEO is less and you must work on that to improve your traffic. 

The finding capacity notices the number of people who are entering a keyword in the search engine. This measurement is known as  Monthly Search Volume (MSV). It predicts the amount of traffic is available for that particular searched keyword.

If you search the old post blog, you could find the keywords which are quite old and the difficulty keywords could be the reason for sometimes less traffic. to increase the traffic, updating with the new keyword is important as it will be updated with the recent trends and google SERPs.

The ways to find new keywords? Go with the below answers:

  • Figure out the industry-factor value in your service.
  • Utilize the keyword search tools to produce lengthy keywords.
  • Choose keywords by giving priority to search volume and keyword difficulty.

Keyword study is a crucial part of SEO.however, being up to date and updating keywords will give a good ranking in SEO.

2. Updating the  SEO on-page.

 You will need to update and optimize your:

  • SEO Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Article Title
  • Subheadings

SEO Title Tag

These tags of SEO are also called SERP. With just one click the name of the webpage will lead you to that post. Keep Updating the title to show new target keywords. There is no limit to the length of SEO title tags and Google search results that show the first 70 characters. To increase the post to its conceived relevancy, add the keyword at the start of the title.

Meta Description

Meta can be described as the data inside the data.  Finding the meta description on a SERP which is illustrated with the title tag and URL.  the text should add your aim keyword and prediction readers in the purpose of your content. Create it cool! Eye-witness metadata has created the curiosity in readers to click on your content and keep scrolling till optimizing results.

Title of the Article

Few bloggers fail to recognize the very basic mistake of thinking meta description and article title the same. As the title tag appears on the search engine page, the article title can be seen on the destination page. To make it workable Update the title with new keywords to make it organized.


Subheadings are an outline of the content. Onset when readers decide to read your blog post, many will remove it to determine its worth and their valuable time. place your keywords in the main header of your content. It will generate the relevant ideas of your content to help boost your rankings.

After making changes in the title tag, meta description, article title, and subheadings, it is time to move on to where the most changes happen — the body content.

3. Update the content.

The bulk of your updates will happen in the body content. Begin by rewriting your introduction. Continue by updating the rest of the content as needed. It will be done in two steps — removing out-of-date content and adding current information.


When removing out-of-date content, start with information that no longer applies. Revive an old blog for SEO. It works great.

 4. Focus on links.

Using links to revive an old blog post is a significant way to boost SEO. Links can boost your ranking on a search engine results page and increase the credibility of your post. Update your links in two steps.

Hence it will definitely help you to increase your traffic and I wish your site will be the no.1 ranking in SEO.