How To Sell on Amazon India? – Explained

how to sell on amazon india


With E-Commerce at its peak, ‘How to Sell on Amazon India?’ is probably what you’re thinking right now.

And that’s a good question, it’s what I thought of too! And here’s what makes the question significant.

Amazon shipped over 5 billion items worldwide in 2017. It’s natural to pick Amazon, it’s probably the best pick.

More than 50% of all Amazon sales come from third-party sellers, these are interesting stats, aren’t they?

With no further ado, here’s your answer to – How to sell on Amazon India?

Learn how to Sell on Amazon India

The process begins with your registration process, here’s how you get about it.

How to Register

Before establishing your sales online, you need to opt for a plan that correctly fits your trading purpose. Amazon offers two registration plans considering all. It’s the Individual and Professional plans.

Let’s check which suits you!

Individual plan

  • It is a pay-as-you-go plan
  • Costs $0.99 per sale
  • There exists some limitation of selling less than 40 items per month
  • This plan doesn’t require external selling tools.


  • Cost $3.99 per month
  • Unlimited products can be sold in a month
  • Requires access to APIs and advanced selling tools

What are the prerequisites you will require before completing your Registration process.?

  • Bank Account Number and Bank routing number
  • Chargeable Credit Card
  • Government issues National id
  • Fax Information
  • Phone number

Amazon also charges additional payments for a seller. They are affordable though. Some of these payments include Subscription fees, Selling fees, Shipping Fees, and FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon) fees.

Amazon FBA Service

Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA) helps sellers to make use of the Power Distribution and Customer base networks. It’s done to uplift their selling. In the FBA service, Amazon is responsible for storing your product. It also Fulfils your orders and performs customer service-oriented activities in the Amazon directories and stockpiles.

There are about 175 Amazon Fulfillment centers which constitute 150 Million Square Feet of depository area for stage.

Isn’t this Amazing?

Amazon also allows the seller to enjoy the advantages of automatic prime eligibility and free super saver shipping to fastly scale your business.

Visit Amazon Seller Central

After your registration, you will be directed to Amazon Seller Central. ASC acts as a Single store for managing all your sales-related customs. You can add your product information. It also keeps an eye on your directories and performs periodic updations in the inventory space.

There are also other Unique features on the sellers Central, Download and customize your business reports and mark the templates you like.

Amazon Customer metric tool guides you to keep track of your seller performance. It also helps you to keep intact with your selling partners and initialize help tickets through case logs. Finally, the seller space empowers your business by supervising the daily sales of your amazon products.

Use the Exclusive Amazon Seller app from play store to envisage your business growth!

Ready to list your First Amazon Product?

To finalize the selling on Amazon, it’s essential for the seller to first create a product listing. You can either make use of the pre-existing listings of other fellow sellers of the same product. You can create your dynamic listing to attract your customers.

Listing the product on Amazon depends on the plans that you choose. For example, a professional seller plan helps you list the bulk uploading and a large number of products. The individual accounts might restrict you to upload only one product at once. 

Organized Listing

Now, your products will be visible for all customers in the online amazon shopping store. Before creating a list, Let’s make certain things ready:

  • The Product Id: Amazon requires the product Id such as Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) like UPC and ISBN to identify your products.
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • Attractive Title of the product
  • A Clear Elucidation of your product.
  • Relatable Sketches and Images of your product.
  • Keywords and Relevant Search Words.

By adding all the information, you will earn the trust of your customers. This enables good sales indeed.

A seller can list the variations of the same product on the Same Page. For example, Diya wants to buy a watch for her sister’s Birthday. She picks a brand and searches for various colors in the same brand.

To satisfy her, The seller has to make sure that he/she lists the varieties of Colour, Size, Scents, etc on the same page. This way, the customer feels elated while shopping online.

The Product Detail Page

Amazon Product Detail page is where the customers see all relevant data regarding a particular item. Amazon combines the details of all the information from Multiple sellers and represents it on a single page. While designing a product details page, you have to make sure to provide a diplomatic and considerate solution to all the necessary questions raised by the customers as this will help them to be more decisive before purchasing a product.

To provoke the best customer experience, ensure to provide precise and easy-to-understand information to the treasured customers.

Info hub Centre of Product Detail Page

Title: Maximum 200 characters with Capitalising the first letters of Each word.

Product Photographs: 500 * 500 or 1000*1000 pixels with High Quality.

Variation: Colour, Scents, Brands, Sizes.

Bulletins: Product Description by spotlighting the key features.

Featured Offers: Inserting Add to Cart or Buy New options.

Delivering your product

 Sellers on Amazon have two great options when it comes to delivery. Either they can maintain their own inventory to deliver the products to the customers or they can opt for Amazon FBAs.

If you are fulfilling your own orders, then you need to manage, store and ship the products straight to the customer. The shipping credits are transferred to you by amazon as soon as the customer pays. Sellers can gather a trusted network of shipping partners and deliver their precious products by using the unique Amazon’s Buy Shipping tool.

FBA Functionalities

  • Sellers need to ship their products to the inventories which will then be scanned, evaluated, and exposed for the sale.
  •  As the customer Checks out and confirms the order, amazon stockpiles packages and ships the product straight to the customer.
  • Followed by the delivery, the amazon representatives ensure proper payment collection from the customer and return it to the seller promptly (in 2 weeks).
  • To enhance the customer journey, the amazon customer service team will handle the queries, returns, and refunds.

Congratulations! You have Completed your first sales on Amazon:

What’s the Next Step?

The role of the seller does not only stop at the delivery. On the further go, the sellers need to be keen on the performance metrics and cancellation reasons to develop their selling strategy.

s we all know, customer reviews play a vital role in your business. So the salesmen have to abide by the policies. You must also analyze the customer reviews to work on the suggestions.

Once you have launched the products on Amazon, there are as many tools that help you to advertise and promote your online business by taking it to the next level.

Some of the great advertising solutions like Sponsored products, sponsored brands, amazon stores, etc might promote your business with special coupons.

Ever dreamt of taking your business worldwide? Here is the Golden opportunity to make use of Amazon Global Selling to convert your dreams into reality by using Amazon Global infrastructure.


And that’s the whole deal about how to sell on Amazon India.

The first three months are crucial to establish your Amazon business. A good strategy definitely helps

Keep track of your account’s health and wealth, Use FBAs to reach out more, advertise your listings using promotion codes and coupons. Create a Brand value and set up a benchmark in Amazon Marketing. Use Automatic and authentic tools to improve your product reviews. 

Finally, drive yourself towards providing a trustful and customer-centric shopping experience for consumers across the globe.

Want to take your E-Commerce business to the next level? Pick the best E-Commerce tools and follow the best E-Commerce trends.

Are you ready to launch your first product on Amazon?

It’s go time!