Innovator’s mindset


           The capacity of human mind is massive with millions of neurons and sensitive parts. According to research the brain has more connections that the entire stars in the galaxy. Hence imagine what could be its capabilities with billion GB memory and fast information transfer within it. It is a supercomputer on its own. However, we haven’t discovered its fullest capacity yet. Even though we use only a part of our brains capacity we can achieve so much.  The common question that arises in every individual’s mind is how can we use it well? Well the answer is innovation.

Every discovery is an innovation of something that has existed. What makes it innovative is the efficiency and performance of the innovation. Innovation is nothing but building something more efficient and easier than the existing product. Innovation makes us stand out from the crowd. That’s how Steve Jobs and Elon Musk became biggest innovators of our society. 

Let’s understand this with an example. 

Imagine a smooth road that recently got blocked by a big boulder. The vehicles going that way were obstructed because of this boulder. Generic people showed generic reaction of complaining and taking a rough route around the boulder. This route was neither smooth nor consumed less fuel. However, nobody thought of a better solution until one day when a man arrived and started to break the rock into bits. People ridiculed him for being dumb trying to break the boulder painstakingly. The others were however continuing the same route that was bumpy and long. After few days he restored the road to its glory and set up a toll booth. He demanded any vehicle passing by to pay toll for the shorter smoother road. So, people now started to pay him which made him an entrepreneur and an innovator. 

The basic oxygen for innovation is finding a problem and bring the solution. People wanted to talk to each other instantly all over the world but couldn’t find a way other than phones. So Facebook was invented. People wanted to get food at their doorstep rather than waiting at hotels swiggy, Zomato etc came in. People wanted to buy stuffs easily and get it delivered at home, amazon was invented. 

Just like the man in the story everyone could solve one problem in the society and become innovators in the future. Follow this and you could be on articles and magazines featuring innovators too.