Instagram Marketing Vs Other Platforms

Is Instagram dying or growing?

              Instagram Marketing Vs Other Platforms is nowadays a sensational topic to be discussed. Instagram Marketing is something big that helps the brand to a big height. After Facebook, Instagram was the most accessed network. Instagram was the first popular visual social medium with one million monthly active users and stories of 500 million. Instagram has traveled a long way from its beginning as a simple photo-sharing application to one of the most popular social media in the world. People always prefer changes or some new features on the applications they use. When Facebook and Twitter focused on friends, family, and celebrities, Instagram takes a different path by adding new features to their application. Instagram keeps on adding new features and those changes play a pivotal role in Instagram’s growth. It’s no surprise that Instagram has also worked and aimed for connecting users as if like Facebook, and Twitter but in a different way. It is said that Instagram users are not just active, they are engaged. Its excellent features like posts, stories, and reels made them engage in it for hours. 

    Many of us have the question raising in us that Why Instagram Marketing is important for a brand? And how does it help the brand to reach customers? Instagram Marketing Vs Other Social Media Platforms was one of the best topics in the marketing field. A marketer who is not using Instagram for marketing is really missing out on something big. A survey report says that 90% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account. New products and services on the platform were discovered by 83% of Instagram users. And half of the users that is 50% of users are more interested in the brands when they see the ads of it. It is no wonder that Instagram was preferred for promoting its products and services over other social platforms. Even the world’s biggest brand prefers Instagram for its product promotion and services. People love stories, they like to hear different stories. To uplift their business and to promote their product, brand holders started telling an interesting story which helps the customers to connect emotionally or someway in life and that makes them buy the product. Art can speak more than words, using pictures brought more customers to the brand. Instagram is a platform that was created for sharing photos and it helps to engage the users and can make them come back for more. And a survey says that visual posts are producing more than 650% of user engagement than text posts. 

       And the other thing which makes Instagram marketing reach heights is through “HASHTAG”. The hashtag went quite popular on both Instagram Marketing Vs Other Social Platforms. A proper hashtag on the post helps to get discovered by more Instagram users through the searches and it helps to reach great visibility in a short span of time. And a brand can use geo-location tagging, hashtags, text, and shoppable features and also the feature which runs ads on the stories. And the brand can also use another different feature called reels and using this feature helps to reach more numbers of customers. A survey says that Instagram was used by 44% of people to shop weekly with shopping tags and shop tags. And Instagram was the first one to introduce a shopping feature in its application a couple of years ago. Instagram is the most effective platform for engaging audiences, said by 59% of micro-influencers in a survey conducted by Bloglovin. 

        From then till now, there is a competition going in between Instagram Marketing Vs Other Social Platforms. Instagram Marketing is the best social platform when compares to others like Facebook, and Twitter. This is evident on seeing that Instagram has the highest average engagement rate when compared to Facebook and Twitter. And also it has a higher brand engagement rate which is proven on seeing the audience on Instagram is more open to branded content when compared with other platforms. Every month 130 million users of Instagram were engaged in shopping content and that shows that the users are interested in branded content and they are open to buying products. Right now, Instagram’s ad reach has crossed Facebook. Instagram’s global advertising reach was increased by 20.5% while Facebook was increased only by 6.5%. Instagram also has the feature of promoting the brand and also boosting up the post which helps to spread your brand or product all over the world. Nowadays, Instagram marketing is another strategy that helps to spread your brand across the world. Instagram Marketing may not be ideal for everyone but it does matter and is worth looking into.