Interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight

Interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight. In this world of technology and modernization, social media have a special and unique space. Within that place, the highly popular social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so and so. In the recent days, we could find that Snapchat has also become one of the widely used social media platforms. Snapchat streaks have become an interesting thing to make people use snapchat. It received a huge attention and response from its users and even increased its usage. There are too many surprising facts about Snapchat to be aware of. In accordance to that, there are some interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight that all the users have to know.

What is Snapchat Spotlight?

Snapchat Spotlight is a feature, that has been released recently by Snapchat. It is a tab in snapchat that allows to create and promote short-videos from the snapchat community of users. This feature also have the name ‘Spotlight Snaps’. The videos in spotlight can have the maximum duration of sixty seconds. In fact it cannot be exceeding the duration of sixty seconds. Primarily, this feature got introduced in November 2020. At that time, the users only have the chance to like and share the videos. Later, few alterations are made as per the evolution of technology and need of people.

Interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight are that it has heavy competition with other social media platforms. As TikTok, Instagram and Facebook already have the facility to create videos, the new snapchat spotlight has competitors from the beginning itself. But it has become successful through wide use of people. The categories of Instagram reels, YouTube shorts are giving more hike and snapchat spotlight has joined its way in attracting people. In the same way, this feature of snapchat works with algorithm that is based on view count and popularity.

Interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight

The interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight are many. Firstly, snapchat spotlight doesn’t make your profile public. They are private by the default itself. This assures more safety to its users. Secondly, the choices provided in comment section. The introduction of spotlight replies gives the creators to show only the selected comments through pre-filtered pool. Additionally, the usernames will be visible if the user is above eighteen years old and uses Snapchat as a public user. Through all these features, snapchat spotlight ranges top in ensuring the safety of its users.

Thus, snapchat and its feature spotlight holds the trustable factor of being private user in it. If your videos get played more, shared more and liked more, there is the opportunity of getting snapchat rewards. It makes people to learn the tips for inspiring contents. Snapchat encourages the users to create quality contents in video formats with its spotlight feature.

Create a Snapchat Spotlight

Creating a snapchat spotlight would benefit business people a lot. It helps to boost the reach of audience and getting new customers. Snapchat spotlight is made simple with Snapchat app either in mobile or laptops. Before uploading a video, make sure the requirements are correctly set up in your video. Those requirements are

  • The duration of video ranges between 5 and 60 seconds
  • A clear video with proper sound quality
  • Exclude the unwanted watermarks, other than your personal ones
  • Remove the attachments, if any included in the video as promoting something
  • Use music from library or your own
  • Create suitable content for all types of audiences
  • Video should be vertical with an aspect ratio of 3:4

These are the basic requirements for the videos of snapchat spotlight. Interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight is that it decides the content that has to be shared maximum. So, the deciding factors are the watch time, interest of the users, shares and likes of the videos. This doesn’t include the count of followers that one profile has. Hence, it gives priority to the creativity of the creators. This is what most of the creators find as an advantage and make use of snapchat spotlight. Valuing the talented contents have received appreciable recognition through its successful usage all over the world.

Further in knowing the interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight, let’s see how to submit a video in spotlight. The first step is to open snapchat and create a video. The video must have a music. It can use the features of filters. Once the video is created without any corrections, then click the ‘send to’ option which is seen in the bottom corner of the right side. This becomes the second step. And the third step is to choose ‘spotlight’ at the top of the screen and add a relatable topic to your video. The topic will categorize the video to show to relevant audience. So, the right topic is necessary.

After completing the title section, touch the arrow mark which is in the right bottom corner of the screen and the video is posted in the spotlight. Moreover, this is as simple as posting the Instagram reels. With this, creators can see the views that their spotlight video has reached in the spotlight category. Also, the creators can learn how snapchat makes money with its wide usage. These are the interesting facts about Snapchat Spotlight and use this to reach higher audience through Snapchat Spotlight.