Kannavu Meipadavendum

The meeting was held in Hosur for the SMEs, College students to get benefited. Delivered talk on entrepreneurship, marketing, etc. It was conducted by Innovative Service who conducts public workshops. The following is from their website.

All of us nurture the dream to be rich and successful in our lives. Very often we wonder how simple people like us are hugely successful in their careers and some even build vast empires. Leadership Skills, Team Building, Effective Time Management, Smart Marketing Strategies, Tricks to Boost Sales, Negotiation Skills and Acquiring Skills for business mastery are some of the tools we need to equip for the path to excellence.

We at Innovative HR Services (Chennai) Private Limited bring top class trainers, authors of best sellers in a vast array of topics to share the secrets to make your dreams come true. Innovative HR Services (Chennai) Private Limited facilitates public Workshops, seminars and corporate training programs.

Watch your life transform as these global trainers unravel the mystery to tap the limitless potential buried inside you.