Know more about UX Design

A user experience (UX) doesn’t combine in it a single meaning; it has various dimensions combined in it like the visual design, interactive design, and information architecture. Your way of interacting with the users increases productivity and customer satisfaction.

This mainly focuses on the users’ experience on using the company’s product; the main point which a user designer must focus on is to check on the best experience the users get, and in selling the product with the interactive content and reach.

Let’s know why a user should get a good user experience

UX is very much important because it fulfills the user’s needs. It also brings a positive exposure for the user which would, in turn, bring in them loyalty towards the brand or product. Everybody has, of course, at some point or the other, been to a website and gotten frustrated searching for information or what they need. If it’s difficult, this in turn, leads to poor user experience. The poor user experience would lead to taking more time in finishing the task, or the user may completely lose confidence in the product. If the user gets a meaningful experience, this in turn, helps in the success of the product.

15 practices to improve the user experience

RWD – Responsive web development

Implementing an RWD is very important for the improvement of the user experience. Creating a good or even best experience for the user is important. Navigation, scrolling, panning, and reading around in the website should feel easier so that they don’t need to stress on searching for everything.

 This applies to all types of devices; mobile phones, laptops, and PCs too. Mobile users should be able to work just as easily as they do on laptops or PCs. Every feature should also be present on the mobile screen and should easily be able to be located and work. This should apply to all the devices which are said to be good RWD.

➥ Interviewing the active users

A pop-up notification is sent to a regularly active user and interviews them regarding how the users benefit from using the application. This would help in specific parts that need to be marked, changed, and improved. For these purposes, Mixpanels are being used. These interviews will help the designers to improve by getting valuable feedback from the users rather than approximately predicting them through graphs and numbers.

➥Making smaller visual span

This should be improved to decrease the eye movement of the users; it would be difficult to read with the neck stressing on it. So, it should be made between 650-750px. When readers start using small eye movements, it will, in turn, increase the average stay time of the user.

➥ Testing and monitoring the users steadily

 When we get to monitor the user’s approach to the design, designers will get to know what exactly a user’s need is. This would help the designers to create design in such a way that they fulfill the user’s needs. Inspectlet is one such example of a website monitor.

➥ Consultative approach to make sure that we improve the users’ experience (UX)

This consultative approach depends on the skill level of the user; if a user directly approaches a product and buys it that’s easier. Some users may need to have some question & answer sessions to come to a final decision. So, to approach any type of user, we must be ready with the technical information that will be required for the sales process.

➥Customer surveys

Maintaining persistent communication with the customer service crew and the tech team is the most important work that must be done to keep a constant good relationship with the customer. A query received but not sent to the tech team and not being resolved is a mess and should be kept in mind to improve the users’ experience(UX). Work must be split up and done on time.

➥ Designing a communicational setup

For example, making easy communicable language for the communication with the users and maintaining a conversational tone helps in improving users’ experience(UX), and using explainable pictures can help a lot in providing the users’ the information in a way that would be easier for them to understand.

Communicating in native language would increase the users’ expectation in using our websites.

➥ Offering valuable old-fashioned testing

To provide users with valuable information and credits through gift cards to spend time on their website, reading for more than 30 minutes. This is an old-fashioned system that helps users get good credits and benefits, and people get knowledge on that. This trend will bring in more users, benefiting us and also, in turn, giving them credits.

➥Calls to action button

This helps in having direct communication with the user through the calls to action button; a user must get this button on the website page anywhere so that they can approach whenever they are stuck while making a decision. This would make the users feel comfortable when they are stuck halfway through rather than leaving without any information they need.

➥ Be precise

A page must be designed clean and neat, and must contain only information that is mandatorily to be up on the page; other unnecessary information filled up on the page should be avoided to prevent it from being messy. Giving crisp and clear information that can thoroughly explain the whole process in short is the practice that must be followed to give a better user experience (UX).

➥To provide instant support to users

Crazyegg; this website shares the users’ visiting pages and what they search for. It provides instant information and support to the users, which helps in having constant communication and a relationship with them. This improves the users’ experience (UX).

➥ Socialize

To connect with the users through various social media platforms, we provide each of our social media page links to the users every time to make them know about this and get good interaction and communication with the company, and to feel better about the brand. Social media will make them feel connected with the company without direct communication. And through social media, any information can be widespread without the need for contact with the company directly.

➥ The colors and font types

The background should always be white and the font color should be black preferably, as it appears to be very much clear against the white background. The font type should not be too small or too large; it must be medium and fancy fonts should be avoided or it would adversely affect the users’ ease of readability.

➥ Add maximum possible media content

To keep the readers engaged, more media content should be added as visual content can convey things easier than words can. Content like screenshots, GIFs, quotes, photos, videos, graphs, and memes, etc., should be added to deliver content easier for the user.

➥ Providing high-quality information

This is a basic need of a website or a page that it must contain high-quality information including good customer service support, usage of text fonts and picture quality that would make them presentable to the users, and make them feel comfortable in thinking they are getting good-quality content.

What gives a better user experience?


Often if you go and browse a website, what you look for things in there are the main things you must keep in mind while thinking about the improvement in user experience for your website. Those things that pop up in your mind while visiting a website are basic things you must check for in your website, and for further improvement. The above-mentioned are some key points to keep in mind to improve user experience (UX).

If we give users a better user experience and keep in mind a user’s point of view, it would help in improving the user’s experience. Some improvement tips like watching out for users’ movement in a website would show you what exactly a user needs and how it can be resolved. Frequently keep in contact with the users to know what they expect.

To sum up,

A good, better, and best UX can be made by knowing what a user wants. So that by knowing their needs, a designer can bring in the best possible solution or improvement to what they need. Each can’t be perfect all the time, sometimes or the other, it might look like it needs an improvement so that’s when a designer needs to provide it. The fulfilled product given to a customer is indeed going to give the best output and success in the future. As technology keeps improving, everything else simultaneously also needs to.

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