Everyone is an innovator by nature.

Every human has intelligence and emotions by nature. That natural intelligence pushed man to cross oceans, discover new continents, conquer new lands, touch down on moon, invent steam engines, create abstractions like country, continent, UN, world bank, international court etc

Everything has happened because of one word Innovation!

Innovation:Startups are born based on new innovation. To be an innovator, everyone thinks that we have to become a Elon mask or Bill gates or Steve Jobs etc. Actually, they were like what we are today. They became innovators and changed the world order by using their common sense. According to me, innovation is nothing but identifying an obstacle in our life and removing the obstacle by using our common sense. Let me explain this little further with an example. Assume that you are on a road travelling. While travelling on a road, we notice a big stone or a rock obstructing our path to proceed further. 99.99% of the traveller  would complain that rock and make a small diversion left or right that blocked road and start to move on. Other would follow the diversion and new path is made. That new diverted path might be a longer one consuming and not smoother consuming more fuel  and more time. This majority crowd continues to blame that stone for sometime. After sometime they get habituated to that new road and stop complaining about that stone which is obstructing the way. Gradually, that stone would disappear from the mind of people. This majority crowd is just a complainers and follow the path made by someone. When this continues, one day one person thinks that because of this block of stone, every one suffers taking a diversion. Everyone spends more fuel and time. He decided to slice that rock into pieces by hammering it. One fine day he comes to that location with a hammer in his hand and start to break that rock. When he was doing that, many would brand him as he is a sick person. What is the necessity for him to spend time every day to break that stone. But without giving ear and eye to others, he keeps on breaking and one fine day, he has broken the stone and removed all debris and make a straight road and construct a toll booth also. Now he comes up with a story that you can sane fuel, money and time if you pay little toll here and take this straight root. Seeing that advantage of using straight and smooth road, passengers start to pay toll. Now this person has become an entrepreneur. This person has become an innovator. He is not a Steve Jobs or Elon Mask. But he used his common sense to remove that obstacle. This is the innovation. This is the startup. So in order to become an innovator, look around closely and observe the society and things around you. There might be a pain for people but habituated to that. There might be an obstacle. Now use your common sense to remove that obstacle to become an entrepreneur and innovator.