Ola cabs and its marketing strategy

Ola cabs and its marketing strategy

Ola cabs and its marketing strategy are very helpful to be aware of when you are in a city-state of the world. Right! For an emergency, Ola cab helps. Yeah, cent percent right. What are Ola cabs? How does the model work? How does Ola cab make money? Coming to the point, Ola cab is nothing but an Indian multinational ride-sharing company that helps several people in traveling from one distance to another. Ola is operating in over 125 cities that are offering cabs, two-wheelers, and auto-rickshaws. Its marketing strategy is completely different from other businesses. Like, as treating the customer as the king and they feel like they are the central part of marketing. They keep an eye on building customer loyalty at any cause. From attending the calls to providing desired services to the customers, Ola is doing its best job in balancing the whole. Next, we have Ola mini, which is the business model that has the most successful marketing strategy adopted by ola cabs.

Ola cabs are not like booking a ticket offline, in today’s world everything has fallen into technology and turned up as digital online mode. Likewise, Ola cab has its promotion via social media which includes a high level of promotion from every application. This has resulted in a huge success and is known for its popularity. Ola has launched its first campaign on Facebook which led to great success, lot of people have downloaded the app and the marketing has to go on well. Ola cabs and its marketing strategy are in a high level of usage. Something interesting to know about Ola is, that even during the floods in Chennai, Ola boats helped for picking up and delivery purpose. It is been a great helping hand for most of the people in their hard times. Rescuing people from emergencies is a great step ahead, that has been done and accomplished by the Ola modes of transportation. 

How does Ola make money? At first, we have a trip commission which varies from the different percentage on the total fare of the journey. It includes base fare, total time of the ride, waiting time, distance-based per km, demand for cabs, fee for booking, convenience fee, airport fee, toll and parking fee, cancellation fee, and service tax. Secondly, we have cabs that acquire advertisements such as brochures, pamphlets, etc., which are provided to various passengers to promote various brands and products. Live ads are also played for better promotion. Recently, Ola has introduced a credit card that offers huge rewards to the customers and this initial step has been taken in an association with the state bank of India. Next to it, we have a food delivery segment that helps lots of people around us, such as UberEATS, Swiggy and Zomato. This increases the profit of the marketing strategy at a certain level of growth. Ola cabs and its marketing strategy have owned its place among other business plans.

Ola has launched its wallet like PhonePe, Paytm, GPay, etc., which payments can be made easy for the cab services. Cab leasing also happens where Ola buys cars and leases them to the drivers. It is made to improvise the loyalty of drivers towards Ola cabs and also it is been a part in boosting the revenues of the company. There is also Ola prime play that offers entertainment videos to be cherished. While traveling it helps a lot in passing the hours and ensures the customers are fun-filled and enjoyed their wishes and hope. Ola has been a great support in every place where they need help and let’s wish good luck to continue as it is and let them be proud of what they have and earn till these years. So, these are all the important things to know about Ola cabs and its marketing strategy.