Path Finding Workshop

Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore was established in 1999 under the reign of SRI SNS CHARITABLE TRUST. The TRUST was established in the year 1997 with a philanthropic outlook of serving the society in the fields of education, health, and industry. The trustees, with rich experience and wide knowledge in the industry, medicine, and higher education, dedicate themselves to work for the development of the society in these fields by way of starting various charitable institutions in a phased manner.

The Key Objective of the workshop was:

  1. Never quit. Continue doing what you’re doing and what you believe in.
  2. Have patience, it’s not about there’s a right time for everything. But your effort will pay off one way or another in time.
  3. Have faith. Trust yourself and your guts. Act on your gut feelings and work on yourself and improve every day.
  4. Learn every minute. Not every day, every hour or every year. Learn every minute. If you find yourself in the wrong position at any time, don’t fear to pivot and start again.
  5. Listen to everything. It doesn’t mean you have to adopt, you have to listen to everything around. Your surroundings can teach you more than anything else.