Thinkspace is more than just office space, but a community. At Thinkspace, it’ll be surrounded and inspired by innovators and entrepreneurs. The seminar was presented on Entrepreneur perseverance in long term business.

 The subject of the talk was addressed by Mr.Karthi Easwaramoorthy, and It was started by a story of a Marathon runner. Preparation for a marathon is both physical and mental strength and its a proportion of 60 – 40. Entrepreneur life in business is also exactly a preparation of marathon. One should give the wholehearted commitment to his business. 

Once the marathon is started, everything seems easy to make it happen, but the phase of hurdle starts to appear in the path of the marathon. In the long run, we lose our energy, we lose our motivation, we lose our endurance, as such problems arise in the entrepreneur life like investments, employees salaries, projects acquisition and so on. Thoughts of giving up always pop our mind, and once we have given up the marathon has to been started from first. 

Perseverance is the key factors to bring one’s success in the life of an Entrepreneur. When we lose your energy, we need to gather our energy and use it wisely, when we lose our motivation, we should motivate ourself. Even if we are alone in the tract, we should keep thriving forward. Making our mental strength and perseverance is more important than anything.

One who has six-pack may not do it, whereas skinny can success marathon, If he is mentally strong enough. The essential factor of an entrepreneur is spending his energy or resources wisely at perseverance