PPT Creation – Learn it the Right Way!

professional way of PPT creation


PPT Creation is arguably one of the easiest things to do. But just like everything else, there’s always a beginning.

Let’s now quickly learn the trick of ppt creation.

Powerpoint presentation is an effective and efficient way to deliver our intention to our viewers. In other words, PPT expresses the information in a customized way. It has its own in-built templates for easy design and planning. 

Powerpoint submission helps any content to enhance its visibility. Well-organized and visually attractive presentations make visitors become interested in the content. PPT displays itself on the screen as an attractive slide show.

Benefits of PPT submission for Off-Page Optimization

PPT submission can help the website to get inbound traffic through backlinks, which improves the page rankings. Fresh and quality content could be shared through PPT which makes others share our submission in their blogs and websites, it helps to bring quality inbound links to our website.

PPT acts as a perfect tool to increase the Google rank for the website. Submitting the PPT to quality directories can help the website to get an increasing number of targeted traffic. 

Organizing a PPT

Organizing the written content of the PPT is required to understand it with ease and to arrange the content in a flow. Identifying the main topic, arranging the slides logically to given the content in a good flow with connectivity, and finally designing the presentation is more significant.

Do research for the presentation

Giving a presentation is really a challenging one because the entire message is split down into key points. It is important to follow certain facts before creating a professional PPT. Below are the facts to be followed in order to create an effective PPT.

  • Research for the presentation:
    • Develop the PowerPoint presentation  ‘thesis’
    • Identify the most relevant points
    • Write an Outline for a PowerPoint presentation
  • Sit down to write
    • Start strong and finish strong
    • Create a compelling hook and angle
    • Turn the main points into mini hooks
  • Get the presentation design right
    • Choose an engaging PPT template design
    • Work with relevant presentation graphics
    • Keep it consistent
    • Format the slide text for readability
    • Keep it simple

Structuring a PPT

PPT structuring is needed because the presentation must grab attention, plus follow a logical order, and flow with clarity.  PPT should have the following:

  • Intro slide:
    • Title of presentation, date, presenter name – short description of the title
  • Outline slide:
    • Table of contents / main topics
  • Content slides:
    • Detailed information as key points
    • Use of images – a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Final slide:
    • Have the last slide be meaningful – The  Conclusion and summary
    • Provide contact information to follow up

Creating a professional PPT slide design

Creating a professional PPT slide design must reflect the “Keep it straight and simple” concept. Few things to be remembered while creating an effective professional PPT are as follows,

  • Compose the slides carefully
  • Use of Basic slide template 
  • Select font style, size, and color carefully
  • Use contrast color for background and text
  • Use only key points on the slide
  • No full sentences on the slide
  • Have images in the slides since visuals grab the viewer’s attention more
  • Use a good animation for better understanding


I hope ppt creation is an easy task for you now.

A good and professional PPT will always create a good opinion about the content and its provider. It builds trust and paves the way to proceed with the product/content of the service provider. It promotes business development and follow-ups.